well hey there, I'm bron. a partner to one, and mama to three aged 17, 7 and 3. we live in a terrace in sydney during the week, and at a shack up the coast on the weekends.

this blog started in 2010 as a place to share lovely spaces for babieschildren and families, but when I became pregnant with my third child in 2013, I began to share more of my personal life, including my pregnancy, my thoughts on parenting, and eventually bits and pieces about family life.

I had the opportunity to take part in volume II of the sakura bloom photo-documentary sling diaries project, where I was thrilled to be one the winners. I was honoured to be included in she knows list of 10 australian home and living bloggers we love, and named by kidspot as one of the top 25 personal and parenting bloggers of 2013.

in september 2013 I returned to full time out-of-home work as the digital editor for child magazines, australia's largest parenting magazine.

once in a blue moon I blog about writing and things like that at expressive compulsive.  

oh, and you can email me here if you'd like.

p.s if you want to see the archives you can find them on the desktop view/web version via 'blog archive' the bottom of the page.

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