20 questions : liebster award

posted on: Thursday, December 11, 2014

back when I was a wee thing
toddler me, circa 1979.

a while ago the gorgeous bec at bloggers bazaar, and babs at patchwork cactus, nominated me for a leibster award. thanks you guys! they both asked me 10 questions each. here goes.

1. I describe myself as: expressive compulsive and aesthetically oriented.

2. I blog because: I like connecting and remembering.

3. my ultimate weekend would entail: friends, family and food. and trees. and a river! with pebbles. and a blanket. let's call it a picnic.

4. I am in love with: this life.

5. I once met: zac efron. no, I didn't. but I was supposed to! the biggest kid was maybe 7 years old and he was sick the day I was supposed to interview zac. I stayed home with him instead. he hears about it.

6. the most amazing meal I ever ate was: the seafood meals at kisik bar and grill at ayana. also my mum's fish patties (this recipe is similar) and her leche flan, which is a filipino dessert.

7. I am at my best when: I'm showered, blow-dried and have a coffee from craig's.

8. back in my day: bloomers were a thing (see above).

9. I am forever: feeling the feelings.

10. to be entirely honest: see 9.

are you still reading? here's the other 10:

1. if you had 6 months left to live, how would you spend it? with the kids doing things they like.

2. what did you grow up wanting to become? journalist, dancer, actress, playwright, writer etc. (there's a bit of a theme there, ha.) oh, and a mother. I always wanted to be a mother.

3. what does your ideal day look like? one spent writing, where I feel good about the work I've done, followed by an evening spent laughing, drinking and talking with my people.

4. if you won the lotto how would you spend it? I'd save it for the kids for when they're older. or donate it. or give it back to my parents for all the money they've shelled out for me over the years.

5. what is a unique, strange quirk or fact about you? I just asked the mister. he said it's that I mispronounce the word 'wonder'. apparently I say 'wander' instead. as in, 'I'm wandering what to do today.' so he says.

6. what is your best memory from your school days? school was fraught. sometimes beautiful, sometimes difficult. I don't have just one answer for this one.

7. what’s number one on your bucket list? get that book written.

8. what piece of advice have you been given that has been the most profound? I don't know that it's the most profound ever, but 'this is not a dress rehearsal' stands out. my dad said that.

9. who is your blogger or biz person crush and why?
miss james from bleubird and stacey from veggie mama. james creates the most beautiful images (and children) and stacey has the smarts and the sass. they both have a great conversational way of blogging.

10. why do you blog?
over the years it's changed. right now I blog to keep a record of the funny and sweet things the kids do and say. they won't be this little forever. in the blink of an eye they'll be grown and I'll have these pictures and words to look back on.

thanks again you guys, it was fun to do this! I nominate these beautiful people to answer any or all of the same questions: my bloggy pals; caitlin from mother down under, julie from iliska dreams and claire from oscarlucinda. my new work colleague: jenna from my life as a magazine, my old work colleague: jade from the hipster mum. and my old mama's group pal: katie from grow.cook.sew, now of hubble and duke (you could do it on instagram katie!).



  1. I always love these posts…great fun to get to know a bit more about the bloggers behind the blog!
    Thank you for nominating me!

    1. you're very welcome! I can't wait to read your answers :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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