28/52 + 29/52 a quote a week project

posted on: Sunday, November 30, 2014

29/52 a quote a week projecta quote from my family, once a week, every week.


kiddo: I told my friend, at the wedding, it's serious. you can smile, but not laugh.

lady (singing): do you wanna build a snowman?
kiddo: NO. wait, yes.
lady (still singing): ride a bike around the hall...

28/52 a quote a week project


mister: you're behind on your quotes. didn't anyone say anything interesting?

eep. our wedding is just 6 weeks away and the kiddo is taking his page boy duties very seriously. bless.
I've tried to maintain a level head but it gets a bit crazy sometimes. if you've planned your wedding, what's your advice for staying sane? I'd love to hear.

 also, what did they say over your way these last couple of weeks? here's the linky.


  1. Know when to let go, you need a cut off point and anything that hasn't managed to be organised before that gets let go.
    Good luck, what an exciting time.

    1. gah, will I know when to let go?

      thank you lila x

  2. Ha ha…my quote this week was from Frozen too!
    I love hearing C sing the songs in his warbling little toddler voice.

    As for the wedding, so exciting!
    I outsourced as much as possible and kept reminding myself that all of the little details really didn't matter to anyone except me. As long as there is love…and booze…everyone will have a good time!

    1. there will definitely be love and booze. phew x

  3. Crack up quote from Jarvis, after asking if Chester was a boy or a girl "silly Mumma, Chester is my baby". So apparently he is Jarvis's baby.


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