19/52 a quote a week project

posted on: Sunday, September 21, 2014

19/52 a quote a weeka quote from my family, once a week, every week.

kiddo: (singing to himself) I believe I can flyyyy.
lady: you can't fly. (explains) you don't have wings.

(looking out the car window at the pure blue sky )
lady: there are no clouds. are the clouds next to the houses?

kiddo: you know how I made friends with a goat?
me: (thinks back to our farmstay holiday last summer where he did take a great shine to the goats) yes.
kiddo: I've decided I'm never going to eat meat from a goat.
me: ok.
kiddo: have I ever eaten goat?
me: no.
kiddo: phew!

(after he fell asleep watching tv)
mister: what happened?
me: more of the same.
mister: war of the sane?

what did they say over your way? link up to share.


  1. Jarvis has been saying for months that Tamika's baby "has to grow big and then come out of her bum" has changed to saying "out now, big enough" and then giving Tamika's tummy a good ole wack. Do hope it is not the baby he is trying to smack out of his sister's belly??!!

  2. ps we have a similar theme in our images this week of sibling cuddles/love

    1. there's nothing better is there? gorgeous brothers and sisters, the lot of them.


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