16/52 a quote a week project

posted on: Sunday, August 31, 2014

16/52 a quote a week projecta quote from my family, once a week, every week.

kiddo: exciting days in winter, like the book parade, go too fast. they should go for longer.

lady: where's papa?
me: at work.
lady: I want him to come home now!

kiddo: why is sunday called sun day when it's not always sunny?

kiddo: sometimes I'm good, and sometimes I'm bad.
me: yes, that's being human.

we were hanging about outside the art gallery when the mister picked the kids up and put them on his shoulders. the kiddo often says he wants to be a dad when he grows up, I think his papa's awesomeness has something to do with this. I just love these people.

fancy sharing some words from your week?


  1. Jarvis is all about growing things this week. He had a chat to Tamika's baby belly on Friday night and told his nephew to "grow more", all week he has repeated "me grow big boy now", then today he repeated over and over "me grow it" while planting in the garden.

    1. rose spends quite a bit time discussing 'being a baby' vs 'being a big girl'. I think this must be a daycare thing.

      I love the image of jarvis getting stuck into the gardening. x

  2. I always love your photos but I especially love this one.

    And it was so nice to see you this weekend!
    I wish we had more occasions to catch up!

    1. thank you caitlin. it was so lovely to see you too, you are positively radiant. I can imagine if we saw each other more often we'd have quite a lot of laughs!

  3. Daisy frequently asks me, 'What Daddy doing?' when it's clear he's sitting at his desk working...same as yesterday...and the day before. I think she just likes hearing me say 'Daddy's working'!

    1. ha ha, they really fixate on certain things at this age don't they? being 2 is something else.

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