15/52 a quote a week project

posted on: Sunday, August 24, 2014

15/52 a quote a week
a quote from my family, once a week, every week.

me: what did you play at lunch time?
kiddo: we played 'be whoever you want.'
me: who were you?
kiddo: myrtle.
me: why myrtle?
kiddo: 'cause I was a turtle. do you know why I was a turtle? because I have a new trick where I pull my jumper like this (mimes lifting his jumper over his head).

lady: you my mama and my best friend.

kiddo: rose doesn't mind when I touch her face. in the morning when I wake up, I touch her face and she holds my hand.

(while reading charlie and lola)
lady: like me! (meaning lola) and we would play together, and fall down together, and eat lollipops!

what did they say 'round your way this week? link up to share.


  1. In the late hours of Friday I thought it was a good idea to give myself a haircut. Ended up taking off about 20cm. When Jarvis woke, he was horrified. The look on his face. Then he said "Noooo! Yuck! Grow bigger" and proceeded to try to pull my hair longer. Think he and Justin like my long hair more than I do.

    1. so funny how they get attached to these things. your hair is amazing though!

  2. Those words…and gestures between Rose and the kiddo are so sweet!

    1. I feel so grateful for their companionship with each other, melts my heart.

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