she style : back to black + fitflops

posted on: Tuesday, July 8, 2014

fitflops review

fitflops review

fitflops review

fitflops review

when I'm feeling low-key I like these basics: a thin tee that's more drapey than fitted. pants, sometimes jeans (never skirts) and some comfy sandals or flats. I put these on and I can forget about what I look like and just concentrate on my day.

what are you enjoying wearing these days? I'd love to hear!

wearing: pants from zara, tee from topshop, 2bar shuv slides c/o fitflops.


  1. You are stunning Bron!
    I'm wearing whatever cute goodies my MIL brings me from the op shop!

    1. you are too kind ms wolff. love a good spot of op shopping myself, that's so thoughtful of your mil. x

  2. hmm, I guess I'm just a pants person, you know. in case I need to break into a run... chase after an unruly toddler or similar ;)
    I love dresses too though.

  3. Love the flip-flop. Thank you for sharing the outfit, I don't like wearing maternity dresses all the time, so comfortable clothes is a great choice
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