9/52 a quote a week project

posted on: Sunday, July 13, 2014

9/52 a quote a weeka quote from my family, once a week, every week.

a snippet of a conversation over dinner recently.

mister: what's your dragons name?
lady: punk. and he lives at the beach.
mister: what colour is he?
lady: orange. and he lives on my hand when he's little.
mister: is he a boy dragon or a girl dragon?
lady: a girl. she's a dragon and she's a girl. and she's tired. and she sleeps in my bed too. and she's a dr. and she's crying cause she doesn't want her dummy. she has to lie down at the beach.

kiddo: mine's called dominic the dragon.
mister: what colour is he?
kiddo: red. he's a boy. he lives inside a volcano. he breathes a fire and a lightening bolt.

mister: what if you had a pet worm?
kiddo: eww.
lady: (nodding) I would want a pet worm.
mister:  what would he eat?
lady: slugs.

teen: I would call my worm geoffrey and my dragon, south beach.
lady: no! my dragon is at the beach.

kiddo: I'd call my pig 'pop the pig.'
lady: my pop's a pig!
mister: (to me) don't write that down.

what did they say 'round your way this week? link up to share!

(photo taken on holiday last summer: a last minute snack before the long drive home.)


  1. I love that their dragons are infused with such personality!

    1. their papa asks the most colourful questions.

  2. I love the creativity emerging from the lady! Can't wait to have these kinds of conversations round the table with both kids.

    1. they make us laugh so much, I love hearing all their different ideas...and that they're so keen to share them.

  3. no! my dragon is at the beach! my kind of dragon little lady:) love this series. xx


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