8/52 a quote a week project

posted on: Sunday, July 6, 2014

8/52 a quote a week
a quote from my family, once a week, every week.

lady: where's my bike?
me: you don't have one. maybe you can ask for one for your birthday?
lady: my birthday doesn't have eyes. my birthday only has a mouth to talk.

kiddo: even though it's just a drawing, a drawing can take you so far in happiness.
(this was his reaction when his papa told him the news that he's one of the finalists in the young archie competition! his drawing of his sister will be hanging in the nsw art gallery. )

lady: my foot is not crying, it's happy.
mister: is that why they call you happy feet?
lady: yes

we had a lot of funny and beautiful conversations this week, but what max said about his art going up in the gallery touched our hearts. how was your week in their words? link up to share!


  1. Jarvis has been all about his sister's baby this week. My favourite was "Dick no baby yoyo. Me baby home". Translation: Tamika don't take your baby to yoga, I will take the baby home with me. Umm Jarvis the baby is still in Tamika's belly and your are taking your uncle duties way to seriously!

  2. aww, he is going to be the best little uncle!

  3. Ha ha…I love that her birthday only has a mouth!

    1. yes, to tell me what she wants, I'm guessing.

  4. Congratulations Max! How exciting for him (and proud mumma moment for you). Love the ridiculous conversations 2 year olds have.

  5. Wow on the drawing that's awesome work!
    I also love that birthday's have mouths!

    1. they certainly keep us entertained, that's for sure!

  6. That's amazing to have his picture having in the NSW Gallery! Well done, Kiddo.

    My two year old's been a bossy boots this week: "Mummy, use two of your hands for driving!"; and when I was having a little cry: "Mummy, use your normal face!"

  7. oh, lilybett, my two year old likes to boss me so much too. and I'd love to know what your 'normal' face is. heh, heh.

    thank you on behalf of him!


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