11/52 a quote a week project

posted on: Sunday, July 27, 2014

11/52 a quote a week
a quote from my family, once a week, every week.

kiddo: imagine if you turned on the tap and hair came out!

me (to rose): can you give max his beanie back so he can wear it today?
lady (thinks about it): okay. I will scare with him.
(we laugh)
lady (offended): I am sharing!

how's it going over your way? link up to scare ;)


  1. I hate wet hair so that whole hair coming out of the tap thing is very scary to me!

    We have had a cranky week this past week…we have had a restful weekend though so I am hoping we will all be more cheerful this week!

    1. isn' it gross? a hair tap. but kinda funny too. I can picture it.

      hope this week has been a sunnier one. x

  2. With Tamika away for a week with her partner, and Justin away working at Spledour for four days, it was a lot of time with just Jarvis and I. I watched and listen to Jarvis say so many new words in this last week I cannot even being to count them all. he may have been slow to talk but in the last few weeks he has shown he knew more than he was letting on. But this week's quote are simple words that carry so much meaning. "Up Daddy", the way when we place chase Jarvis runs to Justin and says "up Daddy". To when we go for walks he wants "up daddy". For Jarvis snuggled in Justin arms must be a warm safe haven. A hug we all need in our lives and I am so happy Jarvis has a haven in his Daddy.

    1. don't you just love that? so much more going on in their little heads than we know.

      and good papas are the best, jarvis is a fortunate little fella. x


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