the baby's growing up

posted on: Wednesday, June 18, 2014

when they stop being babies

when the kiddo was a baby I kept a blog, have I mentioned that before? it started in 2007 and it was private. back in the days before I was comfortable with being public. (times: they change.)

it recorded his milestones, cute anecdotes, the usual baby-book-in-a-blog type of thing.

I didn't have a plan for how long I would keep updating it, and recently I had a little peek back at it. 


that's how old he was in the last entry. because that's when he started being more of a kid and less of a baby. he moved into a bed, something the lady has already done, and started becoming a lot more independent. 

about a month ago the lady, who is 2.5, joined us with her own seat at the table. we put her highchair out on the lawn for someone else to use.

in an hour it was gone.

before that it was the stair gates.

soon it will be the nappies.

and then the stroller.

hello: girl.

is your littlest growing up too? how are you feeling 'bout it? I'd love to hear.

{picture of us in the kitchen when she was a wee thing. by feather and stone.} 


  1. Jarvis was out of the stroller at 10 months (once he started walking he refused to sit in it) Just after his second birthday he also opted out of the highchair. I think the last babyhood sign is that he still wants to co-sleep. But Then Tamika did that until she was about 14. (I was a single Mum so it didn't bother me) For me I realise how big Jarvis has gotten now that Tamika is pregnant and I am helping her get all of her baby stuff together. Was Jarvis ever that little?

    1. oh, I know! when a new baby joins the family suddenly toddlers seem huge.

      I think I would have co slept for a lot longer if a) my partner wasn't bothered (but he was), and b) I could cope with the sleep deprivation (I couldn't).

  2. What a beautiful post, god it happens so quick.
    My youngest just had his first birthday and I am surprisingly ok with it. We had a huge whack of perspective when someone we love had a micro-premmie just 3 weeks after Squawk was born. He, devastatingly, didn't make it and since that moment I have only celebrated our milestones. It has certainly helped me to embrace every bit of growth, and I'm the type who finds it hard to purge tiny clothing because it all had sentimental value.

    1. I feel sentimental about her growing up, but then I feel sentimental about pretty much everything. definitely I'm enjoying her ever-changing self too.

      the loss of a child is just too heart breaking for words. x

  3. I was actually just talking to a friend about this today...I can't believe how capable C is.
    I think if we left him in a safe space, he could look after himself for a day…get some food, some water, go to the bathroom all on his own!
    I am not going to test this theory out but it amazes me how independent he is…or at least how independent he can be if he is in the mood to be!

    1. ha ha ha, ahh. love it caitlin. I reckon you're right.


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