2/52 a quote a week project

posted on: Sunday, May 25, 2014

2/52 a quote a week

a quote from my family, once a week, every week.

a couple of conversations with these wee people that made me smile.

kiddo: can I have some parmesan cheese?
lady: (about to cry) I don't want some parmes! I want some cheese.

kiddo: when I grow up I don't want to be an artist with a french moustache. or a beard and a hat. that's what artists in shows and cartoons always have, but I don't want a french moustache.
me: ok. what do you want?
kiddo: I want to be an artist with no moustache, my same face and my same size hair.

kiddo: rose, you have blue snot (she did. texta)

if you'd like to play along add your link! I loved hearing about daisy's first horse ride last week. too sweet.


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