this parenting caper : going back to work part 1

posted on: Saturday, March 8, 2014

hello, friends! I've optimistically called this a 'part 1' but as I've had this post on the back-burner since last september it may be a part only. we'll see.

when I went back to out-of-home work I wasn't too sure what items would be must-haves for us. these are a few of the staples that have seen us through everyday working-mama life.

1. I quickly found my divine claudine and ash nappy bag/handbag to be indispensable but there are lots of other items that have helped the transition go smoothly...

2. my mum generously offered to care for the lady three days of the week but she needed a car seat! for her car we used the babylove ezy combo car seat c/o rock-a-bye-baby equipment hire and have found it so useful that we've just bought it. we've found it really handy to have the option to buy after hire and danni at rock-a-bye-baby is just lovely.

3. another maclaren stroller for ease-of-use between my car, my mum's car and train travel. the lady rides in the black and silver quest but I think the liberty version is adorable. florals! hello.

4. box of board books for the lady to read in the car. she has a couple of charlie and lola collections but I think she enjoys taking them in and out of the box as much as she likes flipping through them. whatever title your little one fancies may be a hit.

5. sippy cups. I like this boon fluid cup as it's slow to leak and has a unique shape.

have you ever transitioned from home to out-of-home work? what were your must-haves? I'd love to hear.


  1. Definitely a lightweight stroller.
    And since C is at childcare, we seem to go through a crazy number of hats and water bottles…so whenever I see them on sale, I pick some up!
    And along those same lines, name labels!

    1. ah yes, the name labels! something to include in part 2 :)

  2. Not going back to work but the lightweight pram is a must for us for catching public transport & when we don't have that much space in the car.

    1. I agree. the maclaren is so easy to open, close and carry. ours also has a strap so I can carry it over one arm -- so handy. although my mum will still try to stash it in her boot without closing it!

  3. Yep, transitioned about a year ago. Back to two, and then 3 days a week. I'm now day dreaming of transitioning back to not working...or at least less hours and less stress. 3x 8 hour days is a long time for a little one to be in childcare.

    Must haves? A second car seat, hand me down, and some audio tapes for the car. We are currently listening to the lion the witch and the wardrobe. Not that he understands it, but it's better than crappy radio.

  4. we travel around a lot and now im expecting a second baby. i can just imagine how it would be. that lightweight stroller and a large diaper bag would is on my to buy list.

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