family photos : sometimes sweet

posted on: Sunday, February 16, 2014

I have a small but definite obsession with family photos and I adore these sweet shots of dani and her family from her aptly named blog, sometimes sweet taken by amy at homespun creative.

do you have professional photos taken or are you more partial to the candid snap? or perhaps you hate having your photo taken and avoid it like the plague -- what's your photographic cup of tea? I'd love to hear!

p.s our family photos taken a couple of years ago by feather + stone.


  1. Oh I still remember your family shots! So beautiful. We had Tim Coulson take our first professional family shots a week before our smallest turned one - and he turned 3 today! So definitely time for some more. The problem - I have made so many wonderfully gifted photographer friends since then…. it's kinda hard to choose someone! And er… if you are wanting some updated family shots.. happy to throw my hat in the ring! x

    1. tim coulson is amazing! I will take note of your hat, I would love to have more family pics :)

  2. i love having family photos taken! these are great!

  3. I always find it hard to justify the cost... even though I know they are worth their weight in gold. With just a family of two... every now and again I set up a tripod and I do our own. But they are always a bit strained. I'm looking forward to my lovely friend Peggy (from cake crumbs and beach sand) visiting this weekend to do some family portraits for us...

    It's about time.

  4. I'd love some professional photos taken...just have to convince the significant other.

  5. Your family shots are so lovely! Thanks for sharing! Just eagerly waiting for more pictures taken! They are so sweet, you even cannot imagine...


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