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posted on: Saturday, January 11, 2014

how were your holidays?

christmas was a while ago now but I jotted down a few wonderful whole family (all 5 of us!) moments shared this season that I want to remember forever. like visiting santa together, having a family gingerbread-house-making competition, christmas movie night, lunch with the parents and an extended family brunch where I discovered blue cheese croissants. blue cheese! buttery pastry! zomg. so good.

the two littles' reactions when we turned on the crazy festive lights on our terrace balcony.
the mister and I exchanging silent smiles as they pressed their small faces up to the glass. multicoloured twinkling delight.

the smallest cousins being old enough to play together for the first time this christmas. (so cute.)

and the evening after work and school ended for the year. coming home and throwing on our swimmers, driving down to the beach with the kids.

walking past the groups of young people partying on the grass -- the teenager was at a party himself -- eating fish and chips on the grass.

staring out over the cool, pale sand.

the kiddo and his papa paddling in the deep.

holding the lady's hands, twirling her through the water. her face beaming up at me. a huge, toothy grin.

her small seawater grip in mine.

slow deliberate steps over the rocks, the seaweed flattened beneath us, water rushing under our feet.

a million drops moving in the opposite direction.


  1. beautiful post :) happy new year!

  2. thank you krystal, happy 2014 to you :) x

  3. Happy new year. It's sweet when little cousins play together. Trouble got to play with one of his cousins at christmas too. Was quite sweet.

    1. happy new year to you andrea! cousins at christmas are the best x

  4. Little bit late to the party but LOVE this. It's wet, gloomy and generally yuck here today and reading through your little summer loves completely cheered me up! You really can't beat fish and chips down at the beach on a balmy summer evening! xxx

    1. yay for balmy summer eves, right? better late than never (as I always say to *myself* ;) hope you are well lovely. x

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