when bad things happen

posted on: Saturday, November 16, 2013

friends, am I tripping or does this look a lot like a little someone?

this is me aged 22 months, with my aunt on my first visit to the philippines in early 1980.

my family has not been affected by the typhoon but nearly 12 million people can't say the same. I cannot comprehend.

if you are safely in australia like me and want to assist in some way you might find this list helpful. sending all the love in the universe to those affected.


  1. Thanks for the list that's a great help it can be pretty confusing figuring out who's helping in difficult times.
    Lady baby does look like a lot you, I just clicked through to the post you linked and I had that exact same doll, I'd forgotten about it but I remember what it felt like after seeing the picture!

  2. Thank you for this link. I too had been wondering how and where to help. Just donated to Unicef. Wish I could do more...

  3. Thanks for sharing lovely, glad to hear your family are safe x

  4. thank you for the list, my heart is so heavy for the philippines. :(

  5. My heart is also heavy. It just feels like this will keep happening now. These decimating storms will become the norm, and the poorest people of the world will bear the brunt.

    I am glad your family is safe. x


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