I love lists : taking stock

posted on: Tuesday, November 19, 2013

{the lady: red shoes and dimpled elbows.}

over on one of my fave reads, inked, sash posted this little list.

I love lists and decided that it being nearly the end of a very busy year I'd play along. fun!

making : christmas craft at work. I know, right.
cooking : toast (does that count?)
drinking : coffee. looking forward to candy cane coffee in the holidays
reading : harry potter and the philospher's stone with the kiddo. love
wanting : to spend more time with my girlfriends
looking : at food on pinterest
playing : blog lists ;)
wasting : time late at night on the internet when I should be asleeeeep
sewing : nothing. ever
wishing : I knew design and code
enjoying : the kids, they're all so different and funny
waiting : to finish lots of exciting work projects
liking : being back out in the world
wondering : if my projects will turn out the way I hope
loving : life
hoping : the holidays will be fun
marvelling : at how my baby is nearly 2. what the what?!
needing : a little more alone time
smelling : my teenager's cologne
wearing : tailored pants
following : some good advice. to paraphrase obama, 'things are never as good or as bad as you think they are.'
noticing  : a few grey hairs. I'm thinking about just letting my hair go grey naturally. would you?
knowing : that all good things take time
thinking  : all the time about everything
feeling : enthusiastic
bookmarking : christmas cuteness. chrsitmas with little kids is the best
opening : packets of vintage picture books from etsy
giggling : at this video and this conversation. life with kids, man
feeling : grateful

have you played already? or want to join in? I'd love to see your list!


  1. Candy cane coffee hey? I think that deserves a post all of it's own! I played along a few weeks ago.. I love lists too! Xx

    1. you're right. pepperminty chocolatey caffeinated goodness DOES deserve a post all it's own ;) love your list!

  2. Lovely list.
    And your new look is fabulous!

  3. Fab list. My son wants me to read Harry Potter too, might start over the holidays x

  4. Replies
    1. thanks krystal, let me know if you play along, I love reading other people's lists too. x


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