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posted on: Monday, August 26, 2013

This post is sponsored by Little Bellies and Digital Parents Collective.

We've been having some delightful pre-spring sunshine so this past weekend we gathered up our big patchwork rug and headed out for a wee picnic before the start of another busy week.

We brought along some Crispy Choo Chews and Hoops and Loops from Little Bellies to taste test. The gang was very excited about this.

The kiddo about to devour a handful of Hoops and Loops. 

Little Bellies products are certified organic snacks made especially for wee ones with no refined sugars, minimum processing and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

The lady enjoying a Crispy Choo Chew.

That last one is a biggie, I find it easy enough to buy packaged foods without artificial colours or flavours but sadly many still have preservatives. Begone overly-long-lasting foods! We want as natural as possible. But convenient too (yes, we want it all).

I can see the Hoops and Loops being a great go-to for a healthy movie night snack, while the individually wrapped Choo Chews are perfect for wee lunch boxes or for throwing in my bag in case of a hunger/distraction emergency (which, let's face it, with a toddler is likely to come up).

And the verdict from the littles? Max was a big fan of the Crispy Choo Chews while the lady said 'More, more?' about both. A fan for life ;)

And you can win your own Little Bellies goodies too. Yay!

Just comment on this post and tell me what kind of snacks the little one in your life loves and you could find a lovely package of Little Bellies goodies valued at $50 AUD delivered to your door. Too easy :)

what will you win?
1 x reader will win a Little Bellies Snack Pack valued at $50 AUD

what do you need to do?
Simply comment on this post and tell me what kind of snacks your little one loves.

Be sure to include your email address or email it to me at

Good luck!

p.s You can buy Little Bellies products at these stores and keep with all the yummy news on Facebook and Twitter if you fancy :)

Apologies to international readers, this competition is open Australia wide only. Giveaway closes at midnight, Sydney time on the 9th of September 2013. If the winner is not contactable via email within 24 hours the giveaway will be redrawn.


  1. I love Little Bellies!
    The animal biscuits are a big hit at our house...they provide both entertainment and nutrition!
    I haven't seen the hoops and loops but I will have to keep an eye out as I am sure Toddler C would love them too!

  2. My daughter loves bananas, yoghurt, cheese and wholemeal crackers. I'm sure she's love to try the Little Bellies range- they look great! :)

  3. my daughter loves grapes and crackers

  4. She LOVES fruit, especially Blueberries :)

  5. Hi there!

    I'd like to try the Hoola Hoops Banana for my 11 month old! I've heard of these, but haven't found them at the shops yet (although I'm spending a lot of time at the grocer, with his organic boxes as my boy loves fruit & veg!)!

  6. Jarvis loves any food he can help himself to. At that point in his development he wants to do things by himself. We have a popcorn machine, so air popped popcorn is a favourite snack. But sometimes I think he likes the popping as much as the eating.

  7. My son loves frozen peas in summers.

    In all other months he loves cheese, fruit kebabs,popcorns and plain yogurt with crackers.

    email -

  8. Benny at 10 months is loving mandarins and strawberries. We've also been trying grated cheese. I plan on starting him on those puffy snacks soon.

  9. My little one (almost two) loves eating frozen peas, carrots and corn. Quite odd, but I am quite happy with it! He also loves eating whatever his big brothers have got, which isn't necessarily the good stuff... Would love to steer him clear of chips etc and give the Little Bellies range a try :)


  10. We love the Peach Numbers cereal in this house!

  11. My daughter loves Fruit Loops, but after reading your article, Hoops & Loops seem to be a healthier alternative that would taste just as yummy! Might have to try this!

  12. This range sounds fantastic - convenience is such a factor, along with all the important healthy benefits you mentioned.

    18 month old C would eat blueberries by the punnet if I let her and eats us out of rice crackers and cruskits. She has also just worked out how to get into the pantry where the biscuits are kept. *sigh*

  13. My little man loves cheese or fruit for a snack, though will often sneak an arrowroot biscuit out of the pantry to share with our pet parrot (apparently the parrot tells him to do it haha!).

    1. Oops, email is

  14. My little ones love chopped fruit and rice crackers they cant get enough im sure that all they would eat if i let them :0)

  15. My little girls loves snacking on Japanese edamame beans. They're healthy, all natural, easy to prepare, and let her tiny fingers practice fine motor skills by squeezing the little beans out of the pod. It also keeps her occupied for a long time, so I can take a breather!

  16. My little one loves all kinds of fruits, cheese, arrowroot biscuit(the one from aldi) and little bellies animal biscuits. Every now and then he gets a small piece of dark chocolate too (yes! he loves the dark chocolate with 70% cocoa than the junky milk chocolates - strange but true :-) )

    email id -


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