book love : stacey + abby {from veggie mama}

posted on: Thursday, August 1, 2013

Abby, also 2 in Queensland, appreciates vintage like her mama. In this case it's Learn To Tell The Time with Noddy, the book that her ever-obliging mum Stacey reads to her as often as she'd like. "Plus we love Dr Seuss ABC, The Lorax, and Little Miss Naughty by Roger Hargreaves."

Thanks for sharing your faves Stacey and Abby! You can read more of Stacey and Abby's adventures at Veggie Mama.

This week we're celebrating Australian National Literacy and Numeracy Week with a few lovely mamas, their wee ones and their books.

p.s Tomorrow: 9 lovely wee nooks for reading in.


  1. I love this many many good books!

    1. so many good books indeed! I love hearing all the faves, glad you like them too :)


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