posted on: Sunday, August 25, 2013

Portraits of one or more of my kiddos once a week, every week in 2013.

Her: Yaaay! Having a brilliant time playing ball with her gogo (grandma), uncle, brother and 6-months-older cousin.

Him: Concentrating mid-ball game.

This week he had a night of dancey sparkling fun performing in the local School Showcase. I love these funny organised activity parts of childhood (I used to partake in many of these performances myself way back when). He was so excited and said when they went backstage after their dance he and his friends high-fived the other school's kindergarten performers. How adorable is that?

Joining in with Jodi's 52 week project.


  1. Love the bottom image, huge open welcoming arms just to love his little sisie with! Swoon, this is why I want more and more babies.

    1. yes, it's amazing to witness their gorgeous connection -- although the big one and each little also have amazing bonds.

      but I must tell you while he *looks* like he's trying to hug her it's more of a hug/ambush ;)

  2. Seriously....her hats! She has so many adorable hats!
    I love your photos this week...so much joy!

  3. These back and white photos look very cool. They are full of emotions.


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