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posted on: Wednesday, July 24, 2013

After yesterday's text-heavy post I have a picture-heavy, topic-light one for you :)

During the school hols I took the wee ones to The Grounds, took a million photos and had a good look around...

It's like a few of my Pinterest boards have cross-pollinated and The Grounds have sprung to life. This is a happy situation.

Delicious eatables? Good coffee? Industrial-style repurposed decor? Outdoor seating? Indoor seating? Raised garden beds? Cute farm animals? Mini playground? Yes!

On our first visit the lady and I sat in the play area and had a very civilised moment or two sipping our respective mocha and babycino while just beyond the playground a group of littles practised yoga in the sunshine.

upcycled timber crates sprouting tiny plants and flowers are dotted throughout the grounds.

The kiddo enjoyed running loops in and out of the very large cubby: up the mini climbing ramp and down the slide. Chase the other kids. Repeat.

a moment of sibling protectiveness. 'do you even know her?' one of the big girls asked. 'she's my sister!' he replied, amused and proud.

For morning tea the kiddo chose a strawberry tart from the offerings of fresh muffins, slices and the like at the outdoor baked-goods stand.

the lady felt cleo needed to air her belly. I went with it.

Next to the henhouse I met a pig named Kevin. I felt conflicted about Kevin's close proximity to the bacon and egg BBQ stand. It's all a bit Charlotte's Web for me. But I have it on good authority that the bacon and egg rolls were pretty tasty. (Sorry Kevin.)

the kiddo having a chat with the fancy hens next to kevin's pen.

And a fresh flower stall was on hand with bunches of beautiful blooms for giving or keeping, while just next door I found the Salt Meats Cheese market stocked with tasty morsels to take home: a memento of foodieness.

*      *      *

in the cubby: the climbing ramp leading to the slide. 

The Grounds of Alexandria is a cafe + bakery + extras and is open from breakfast through to 4pm. The menu is varied and delicious (in my opinion) and during school holidays The Grounds run activities for littles such as the aforementioned yoga classes. It's also a lovely place to sit with a friend while your littles make use of the cubby. But beware of weekend breakfasting. The one time I turned up on a Sunday morning I was faced with a 45 minute wait. A bit impractical with three kids in tow (not to mention the line-avoidant mister).

Building 7A/2 Huntley Street, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia
call:  +61 2 9699 2225 net:

$10 - $30ish

Have you been? Will you go? What did you think? Do you have any fun places to recommend for a coffee-loving tiny-tots-toting lady in Sydney or in your own neck of the woods? I'd love to hear!

This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Beautiful photos.

    I love The Grounds, but hate the wait. For that reason have been trying to find other cafes to take my baby and toddler.

    Bitton is always good with a playroom right near tables.

    I think Sydney needs more family friendly cafes. Very interested to hear of any others around!

    1. oh, yes Bitton has a great playroom too -- I love family friendly cafes that have secure play areas for my adventurous little duo.

  2. It looks awesome! I wish we had more placed like that around here. I love when places cater so well for kids as well, makes life so much easier! How awesome is Kevin Bacon!!!

    1. I know! gotta love a place with a piggy mascot as cute as kevin bacon :)

  3. Wow, wish we had known about this place on our visit to Sydney earlier this year.

    1. it's kind of hidden away in industrial alexandria -- you could drive right past and totally miss it. something to look forward to for next time perhaps? x

  4. Beautiful photos.
    And I must say that when I was at home I fell completely in love with industrial all over again. Probably because it was all real industrial as opposed to the manufactured industrial that seems so prevalent in Brisbane!

    1. I noticed on The Grounds facey page that they were sourcing materials for their renos from the states...

  5. Hi, Lovely photos. We love The Grounds, but you need to be super early on the weekends if you don't want to wait.
    We go to Hopscotch café in Wareemba (near Five Dock). Lots of space, play area & a kids menu. Not to mention great coffee :D

    1. yes, weekend brekkie is too hard with kids. thanks for the Hopscotch recommendation -- sounds great!


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