book love : bridget + parker {from tales of me and the husband}

posted on: Monday, July 29, 2013

Parker (2) in Boston is a lucky little fellow -- as well as having his mama and papa to read him his current fave, Come Again Pelican by Don Freeman, he also has his bigger brothers and sister at his book beck and call ;)

What are your kiddos' favourite books right now? I'd love to hear! 

Thanks for sharing with us Bridget and Parker! You can read more of Bridget and Parker's adventures at Tales of Me and The Husband.

Find 'Come Again Pelican' on Amazon or download it from iTunes

This week we're celebrating Australian National Literacy and Numeracy Week with a few lovely mamas, their wee ones and their books.


  1. My daughter is only just starting to like books other than Brown Bear, Brown Bear and The Hungry Caterpiller (although these two are still her favourites!). Now she lets me read longer books such as the Hairy McLairy books (all of them yay!) and a beautiful book called Goodnight Little Hare which is her bed time story lately. I just love reading to my daughter as I'm such a book geek myself! :-) x

    1. we love the very hungry caterpillar too -- a classic! I also get excited about being able to read longer books, the lady is def not up to that yet but it's nice to read books with a more involved narrative to the kiddo. I haven't read goodnight little hare before -- I'll look out for it :)

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