posted on: Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Portraits of one or more of my children once a week, every week in 2013.

Her: Digging for snacks. She went through my bag until she'd unearthed all the muffins in their paper packets and gobbled them up. Then she shuffled off to poke through strangers' handbags. No doubt looking for more muffins.

Him: Pausing in the midst of spinning round the park like a dervish. You know that kid that is everywhere, quick and loud and a little faster than you'd like around all the little ones? That's this one in our local playground.

I thought we had enough planned activities to totally triumph over the the second week of school hols. Incorrect. The lady had a cold that made her grumpy, it was raining again and for the most part all three kids were stuck inside with little old me. I'm sorry to say I'm beside myself with excitement that school is back.

There's this really funny cheer that they do at the kiddo's school in response to good news being announced: it's called the silent cheer. The kids kind of waggle both arms like they are shaking imaginary maracas. But they're completely silent. Now picture an assembly of kids doing this. It's hilarious. That is me today. Silent cheer for back to school.

Gorgeous captures elsewhere this week: Sweet little Cedar being bathed in the sink on Sunny and Scout, Big-eyed babe Eloise on Good Morning Clementine and Maile and her pup taking a nap on See You There. 

Joining in with Jodi's 52 week portrait project.


  1. She absolutely has the best hat collection I have ever seen!

    I love that silent cheer...although it sounds very similar to the international sign of distress my friends and I used to do when we were stuck talking to someone unpleasant at a bar!


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