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posted on: Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When Anna from Field's of Sage started decorating her daughter's space she took inspiration from aesthetics and parenting principles close to her heart. I asked Anna to tell us a bit about the process of creating a nursery for her first child, this is what she told me.

who lives here?
Sage Mila Wren, 16 months, on the  North West Coast of Tasmania, Australia.

what was your inspiration?
"My inspiration for Sage’s nursery was to create a relaxing, peaceful sanctuary -- an evolving, ever-changing space that would evoke her imagination, curiosity and wonderment. A place that is familiar and practical yet filled with unique touches of beauty, whimsy and delight. I also had a yearning for Sage’s space to reflect my own inner values and parenting ideals; the notion of viewing my child as a capable, independent little soul, who, even at a very young age has immense competencies and the ability to make decisions for herself. Over time, I both searched for and stumbled upon pieces that I fell in love with and simply couldn’t pass by, all of which had a similar aesthetic and combined to create a harmonious, calming space."

how long did it take?
"We began dressing her room in the 16th week of pregnancy and despite finding out her sex at 20 weeks we continued to add fairly non-gender specific items until her arrival. Even now her sanctuary is constantly evolving to suit her growth, development and personality."

A pair of Maileg bunnies in Sage's collection of whimsical softies.

fave part?
"I adore the light that Sage’s room receives throughout the entire day. Instant warmth is felt from the moment you walk in and her space is always aglow with golden hues. I also love the decorative pieces featured throughout her room like her wooden horses and willowy tree. They all combine together to infuse elements of beauty and nostalgia into the space."

what advice do you have for others wanting to create a similar look?
"For Sage’s space many of the toys and soft furnishings have a natural, homemade aesthetic. Australian brands such as Golly GoshAlimrose DesignsNana HuchyJolie Petite Chose and Laikonik feature, as well as international delights by MailegJanodDjeco and Le Toy Van. Sage’s nursery is filled with handmade treasures from loved family and friends, locally sourced pieces from Tasmanian boutiques and unique Etsy finds from around the world."

Sage with her mama and papa looking on, on her first birthday. Taken by Naomi Fenton.

"My general advice for creating a special space for your little one is to have a clear theme in mind -- be it a colour, a design or a notion. Find a style you adore and then use magazine images or Pinterest as sources of inspiration to create a visual representation of how you want the space to look and feel. Be mindful of how the space ties in with the rest of your home and also think about how the room reflects your parenting ideals.

But most of all, enjoy the wonder in creating a magical space for the most precious little person in your world – there is nothing more exciting than bringing your baby home to a nursery that is filled with love."

Thank you for sharing Sage's space with us Anna! You can email Anna for more details on Sage's room and follow her adventures on Fields of Sage. Room images by Jen Rayner from LittleONE magazine


  1. It looks beautiful, however I have a question...does it stay like that? Jarvis is 18 months and unless I put it out of reach stuff goes everywhere. Being his room I feel he has the right to play, so he has cubes that have nothing in it, bar for one. For some reason he like to put everything onto the one shelf.

    1. oh, I know what you mean! I can't speak for Anna but I can say for myself that the kids def do not leave everything tidy.

      you can kind of see the difference in these posts. here is their room tour, tidy, albeit outdated:

      and here, on a regular morning. you can see the mess in the background:

    2. We are lucky in the fact that Sage has a separate playroom so the majority of her books, wooden toys, baskets of animals, play kitchen etc. are stored in a different area to her nursery space. We are a family like any other - mess is a part of our daily lives! When it all gets too much, we simply shut the door :-D

    3. my littles also play more outside of their room than in -- there are several toy storage units hiding toys in our living area.

  2. I love everything about this space - especially the muted, warm tones. As a mum to a little lady (16 months) it can be hard to avoid the saturation of hot pink that seems to be everywhere for girls' decor. I really think this is stunning and timeless.

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  4. I hope for you to be always guided to the right way to the truth and then live in peace always.


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