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posted on: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ever wondered what your wee ones would choose if they were in charge of dressing the family?

I can wonder no longer because I let the kiddo (5) edit this month's selection from Little Boo-Teek. I try not to limit my littles by dressing them along traditional gender lines, but as you can see he's totally into pink for girls and, um, monsters for boys?

the kiddo's first fashion edit as explained by him:

I asked him why he chose these looks for himself. He said:

"The sharp teeth on the bag make me love it 'cause I'm Darth Vader. I love scary things. I pick the bat top 'cause it has the same sharp teeth as the bag. I pick the dinosaur jumper because I like dinosaurs, and I like the eyes pants."

I asked him why he chose these pieces for his sister. He said:

"The fluffy vest would keep her really warm. I like dresses for Rose. And I pick the pink cowboy boots because they look pretty."

You can find these scary and pretty looks plus a lot more in between at Little Boo-Teek. They also have a hot mid-season sale on now! I am personally eyeing off the eye pants ;)

1. Hootkid Watch Me Roar Sweat. 2. Alphabet Soup Night Ninja Raglan. 3. Alphabet Soup Terror Backpack. 4.Mini Kiniki Skipping Girl Tutu. 5. Fox And Finch Fur Vest. 6. Hootkid Eyes On You Harem Pant. 7. Old West Toddler Cowboy Boot

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  1. I love his picks!
    I am sure all the monsters and sharp teeth would be a hit with Toddler C too.
    And I wouldn't mind those boots for myself!
    I wonder what he would chose for you?

  2. Love this shop, they have some great clothes!

    1. don't they just? I never get tired of it, especially with their fabulous sales and new stock.


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