mother's day : to do

posted on: Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More the doing type than the gifting type? Here a five fun things you might like to do with your mum or treat yourself to:

1. Catch a movie. Have you seen First Position? I loved it.

2. See a play. True Minds by Joanna Murray-Smith and The Melbourne Theatre Company is on now for Melbournians, it sounds hilarious.

3. Pack a picnic for the park. A classic.

4. Go to the balletSymmetries by The Australian Ballet will be playing soon at the Canberra Theatre Centre if you're in the capitol.

5. How can you go wrong with a lovely coffee date catch up?

Myself, I'm waiting until next month and going to the ballet with my mum and the kiddo for a belated celebration -- I can't wait! This weekend I think I'll be studying.

What would your ideal Mother's Day treat be? A day alone in bed perhaps? I'd love to hear!

Movie ticket wall sign on Etsy. True Minds image by Jeff BusbyBasket from Boho Morroco. Kirsty Martin as photographed by Justin Smith. Picnic and coffee images unknown, please contact me if you know the credit.


  1. Coffee for one please!
    And plenty of time to drink it!

    I would love to start the day with a sleep in but it would never work...the entire family would end up in bed! And I bet I would be the first one to get out!

    1. ha ha. oh, I hope you get a little sleep in. Or at least the coffee!

  2. MIne would be lying in a lovely room overlooking a lawn down to the beach where my five all play happily- no bickering!- and my husband keeps them there so I can finally finish my book. Did I mention it would be catered with a nice quiet waiter bringing me coffee and croissants as needed?

    1. I will actually be negotiating taking my five (probably bickering)- to one of their football matches across the city whilst the husband is mountaineering in Victoria. Alternate universes?

    2. you are a saint annie!
      like I said, I will be studying. luckily I like studying, but your first idea with the room sounds better. I'll take one of those too please!

  3. I would love six hours sleep in a row (eight is just plain greedy) and for someone to do all of the boring stuff for me for the whole day. Boring stuff includes: housework, picking up other people's stuff, deciding on what to feed everyone and then cooking it and so on.


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