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posted on: Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day! Today one of our fave foodie mamas is spilling the beans on how her life has changed since becoming a parent. Stacey is mama to two gorgeous ladies, Abby, age two, and Pepper, who is seven months. I think I first saw Stacey on the cover of Peppermint magazine, then pregnant with wee Abby and riding a pink bicycle! This lady has the gift of making motherhood and eating your veggies look good. Here's what she had to say.

What did a normal day look like before you were pregnant?
Before I was pregnant with Abby, a normal day consisted of driving 45 minutes to my hinterland office where I was a newspaper editor. I would write, research and interview for stories, tackle an ever-growing inbox, take and edit photos, chat to people in the community and organise page layouts before driving 45 minutes back home, making dinner (probably blogging about it too) and then watching Masterchef. I was a bit addicted!

What does a normal day look like now?
Nowadays you’ll find me getting up before the sun, squeezing in a few hours of work before the kiddos wake up (usually Pepper is singing to me from her high chair, conducting a pretend orchestra with her Vegemite toast) and then a mix of playing and housework until dinner. Then I try to stop myself falling asleep on the couch at 7pm.

What has surprised you most about becoming a mum?
How much I can actually function on very little sleep.

Is being a mum easier/harder/ very different than what you thought it would be?
Both easier and harder! Some hard things are easier than I thought they would be, some things are much harder than I ever could have anticipated. Feeling like I might have failed my kids in some way is the most difficult thing I have ever experienced. It’s tough when it’s time to make a decision and you are genuinely unsure as to whether what you’ve chosen is right, or if it will harm them in some way further down the track. Being unsure and learning by making mistakes first is agonizing. Making mistakes in parenting is so normal, but so difficult because it is usually the children who bear the brunt of it until you get it right.

What do you wish you’d known before you were pregnant?
That having a network of mums would actually be very important and to try and find some as early as I could. I thought I could survive without support, but it makes life so much nicer to have it.

What is the hardest part of being a new mum? 
Apart from learning by mistakes, it would be feeling in those first few months all the overwhelming relentlessness of being a caregiver to a needy newborn. It’s tough going that early on and the first time I walked through it, I didn’t know when it would ease and I could catch a break. As often happens with little babies, it’s all over in the blink of an eye and I felt myself coming to the surface more often. With my second baby, I knew the light at the end of the tunnel was there, and it helped me cope.

What do you love best about being a mum?
Being a nurturer and a comforter. Also how incredibly hilarious my kids are and how much they make me laugh and make me happy in general.

What helps you parent well?
Patience, flexibility and my husband.

Stacey and her mister in their pre-baby days. "I think this really sums up the relationship I have with my husband, and the fun we had. I hope our kids share our goofy sense of humour." 

What is the best parenting advice you’ve been given?
Take time out to recharge yourself. You cannot give to others if you are not full yourself. I’m a much happier mum because my needs are met too.

Is there any advice you’d like to give new mums?
This too shall pass. And that is both good and bad. The hard times pass (and they sleep eventually!) but also the baby moments are over before you know it. Savour the good and walk through the bad to the other side.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Stacey! You can find Stacey over on Veggie Mama, as well as Twitter and Facebook


  1. Functioning on little or no sleep and realising that your body is no longer your own are two big realisations it took me a while to accept. "This too shall pass" has become one of my favourite mantras!

    1. I will never get used to the no sleep thing :/ Happy Mother's Day to you Annie! x

  2. Oh I just love Stacey!
    Great advice!

  3. Such a lovely Mother's Day post - I am a big fan of Stacey's blog. And I'm a big fan of being a mum now ... my little one is now 5 weeks old!

    1. I hope you had a lovely first Mother's Day, Shari! x

  4. happy mothers day to you both!

  5. Excellent boob grab! Also excellent article. Veggie Mama you are awesome.

  6. I'm so glad someone else's kidlet uses toast as an extension of their own body. My son likes to gesticulate wildly of a morning, clearly he thinks either myself, his father or Little Charlie Bear has caused some kind of mass affront. On a serious note, loved this post, especially the past about the newborn days (or newborn daze as I call them) and how you suddenly realise at some point that you actually did survive them! I'm keen to see how my experience second time around compares to the first.

    1. it such a daze isn't it? the newborn time is really something feels like it will never end and then just like that, it's over. x

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