interview with : the kiddo

posted on: Thursday, May 9, 2013

A little pre-Mother's Day interview with the kiddo (5) in which he gives me some advice and tells me I might need a headband.

What do you like the most about your mum?
She kisses me.

What do you like the least about your mum?
She gets angry at me.

What do you like doing the most with your mum?
Playing games, like Settlers of Catan. (He does not know how to play this.)

What do you think your mum’s job is?

What do you think your mum’s favourite thing to do is?
Work on the computer.

Do you have any advice for your mum?
She could help me make craft more. Okay, what’s next?

Do you have a favourite food that your mum makes you?
Corn off the cob. (He never asks for this.)

What do you think would be a good present to give your mum?
Um, a headband? Because you don’t have one.

What’s your favourite memory with your mum?
At Christmas. When we decorated the tree with the Christmas balls that Santa gave me and Rose.

What would you like to do with your mum in the future?
Hug her. ( I hug him) 
I thought you would do that.


  1. That is just so sweet.
    I hope you can look surprised when you receive a headband on Sunday!

    1. ha ha, oh I really WOULD be surprised. he has a school market tomorrow where they can buy their mums presents. I am going to guess I get bath salts. or something glittery.

  2. This is too cute! Mine are too old or too young to interview and get such amazing answers

    1. you never know (well, with your eldest)! mine always surprise me.
      plenty of time to interview gorgeous jarvis :)

  3. Replies
    1. it was! I think I might ask him again next year and see what he says.

  4. Replies
    1. thanks bel, this is a lovely age, I'm enjoying it.

  5. Absolutely adorable and I LOVE the photo too!

    1. thanks lila, he had picked the flowers from our poor neighbours yard and was giving them to me when I got all bloggy on him, 'wait! let me take a picture!'.

  6. Replies
    1. he is pretty sweet babs, I'm enjoying it while it lasts. although who knows, maybe he will always pick flowers for his mama ;)

  7. We haven't done a video interview for a few years. Thanks for the reminder although the teens might not be so responsive now. Your yellow sandals are very pretty too. Saltwaters?


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