for the newborn : the bednest

posted on: Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fancy having the best of both worlds?

Co-sleeping with your wee one without worrying about babe-squishing or bed sharing? Then you will love the Bednest.

I would have loved a Bednest for my babes, especially for the kiddo who was my cuddliest infant. We co-slept for quite a while and he certainly took up more than his fair share of our bed (he was totally that baby in Baby Sleep Positions).

The Bednest is suitable from birth until your babe can sit up (approx 4+ months) and can be positioned next to the bed where the mesh panel can be opened so you can easily scoot your little one over for feeding or comforting.

The stand has 70 + settings and the basket and stand can be folded flat for storage and travel. The Bednest can also use it as a stand-alone bassinet in the nursery. So handy!

If you'd like to secure a Bednest for your little one, they're available online from mid-June at Danish By Design.

bonus for baby space readers : sheet set
Would you like to receive a FREE Bednest bassinet sheet set with your purchase? Just leave the comment 'Baby Space Free Sheet Offer' on your online order. Danish By Design also encourages you to pop a follow up email through to info@danishbydesign to ensure your comment went through.

Sweet dreams :)


  1. i wish it were about $300 instead of $600! such a great contraption!

  2. I'm definitely going to get this for our next one due in July! It sounds perfect and looks so much nicer than other co-sleepers i've seen!

    1. so stylish, right? I would have loved one. would be keen to hear how you like yours.

      and huge congrats for your new babe on the way! exciting :)

  3. What a great idea. They need to make one for 17 month olds... Jarvis is also totally the baby in the baby sleep positions. Hmm and so is his father, so maybe I need a baby nest for me!

  4. Oh darn I wished I knew about this before buying a bassinet off eBay. I love the idea of having the option of co-sleeping and it looking ultra stylish too.


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