wee style : shorties in newtown

posted on: Monday, April 1, 2013

Do you shop at Shorties? As well as their sweet store in Newtown, Sydney, Shorties also have an online store and blog where they post about things they like (vintage books, quirky blogs) and upload little vignettes with their wares, styled by Shorties staffer, Ingrid.

"We do have lots of fun with our little mini photo shoots," said Katya of Shorties. "Ingrid is our resident stylist/photographer, doesn't she do a wonderful job!? All the Shorties gals pitch in (with the shoots) when they feel inspired, often it’s a new product that starts a theme, or we choose a pretty pattern or colourway. Sometimes we like to make a little outfit or story. We do have so much to choose from!"

Want the skinny on the products pictured? You can check out the posts here: Leader of the Pack, Autumn Girl and On the quest for Treasure


  1. I love seeing their little vignettes pop up in my Facebook feed...and while I often covet a few items I have yet to buy any!
    Surely it is my turn to win the lotto soon...I would love a shopping spree!

    1. Definitely it's your turn to win ;)
      I've shopped instore but not online (yet). I love the Shorties aesthetic.

  2. I stumbled across Shorties when I was in Sydney last December. They sell saltwater sandals which I purchased for myself as my feet are so small that they fit the kids sizes. I am very glad to hear they have started an online store!


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