toddler : 13-15 months

posted on: Monday, April 22, 2013

I wasn't sure I was going to do any more lady updates, (and I am a little late with this one that has been sitting in the drafts folder because she's coming up to 16 months). But here it is The Lady : The Toddler Series and a letter for an older Rose, if she's curious, about her foray into toddlerhood.

dear lady,
watching you do pretty much anything is still fascinating to me. the way a human body learns to coordinate itself is amazing. you strut your chubby legs forward in a robot-like motion, your pudgy fingers carefully pry apart a toy, or more often than not, something contraband like the tv remote. 

I watch you decide how to manoeuvre around the house; you hold your dolly wrapped in an old scarf like it's a baby blanket, but when you get to a step, what to do? you decide to drop your dolly like a rock and clamber down after her.

outside, you peer at our pet guinea pigs in their hutch by leaning your body to the side and hardly bending your legs: an inquisitive little teapot.

you bang your crayons on the paper making lines and dots and swooshes.

you 'do'.

once, your papa and I were upstairs getting ready for the day and you and your brothers were all downstairs. or so we thought.

we heard a rose-like-squeak nearby. someone had left the baby gate open at the bottom and you had climbed right to the top of the stairs (this was before the table climbing incident).

you wave to everyone, everywhere now, just as your brother used to do at the same age. this is a nice age actually. your cute babyness is still present but your toddler capacity to communicate and play is developing.

I will be absolutely treasuring these next few months before you're off and running for good.

you are determined and feisty and charming and sweet.

you are a joy. x

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  1. Too sweet. Love the updates!

  2. It is such an amazing age (Jarvis is 16 months). The stepping from babyhood into the child, makes me sad and happy all in one.

    1. oh, age twins!
      doesn't it? especially when it's one's last babe, as rose is. x

  3. She's such a sweet little lady! The letter is just beautiful!

  4. Such a sweet letter...and lovely photos to go with it.
    Every age that they pass through really is so special...I have yet to meet an age that I don't like! Says she whose toddler is about to turn two...I may eat my words!

    1. I agree, all the different ages are wonderful -- and toddlers are so spunky, I wouldn't skip a thing :)

  5. Love your updates! Please don't stop! Shes such a precious little one. I love hearing all about her becoming a big girl! xo

    1. aww, thanks marla! that is so lovely of you to say. x


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