inspired by : 6 ways to use yellow

posted on: Tuesday, April 30, 2013

1. On a set of drawers. Like this bold yellow beauty as seen in Vera's nursery on Elle Belle.

2. In layers. Like this yellow locker layered with a cute lion suit and framed with fun golden details at The Woodsfolk.

3. On a chair. And in a print. Like this neon wicker wonder and playful poster art by Camilla Lundsten as seen on Milk magazine.

4. On a vintage dresser. Like this banana yellow armoire revamped by the clever folk on Silver Blue.

5. On a desk. Like this sunny lemon yellow study space seen on Kid's Room Blog

6. On the wall. Like these Lego yellow playroom walls in this home for rent (if you happen to be travelling to the Netherlands!) on Airbnb.

Embracing the friendliest colour for the nursery has become quite the trend. I know ever since the kiddo declared it his fave I have been on the lookout for yellow in clothes and accessories that suit him, and he enjoyed helping choose yellow fabrics for his room. From rich, golden Lego yellow (as I like to call it) to cool, clean tints of lemon, a coat of sunshiny hues is sure to add instant cheer.

What colours are you loving for your home right now? I'd love to hear!


  1. loving these! nice sunny yellow! xx

  2. so cheerful, right? thanks stacey :)

  3. They are all beautiful!! Thank you for sharing these design.
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