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posted on: Friday, March 15, 2013

Have you ever given your kiddo's space a makeover? When Elizabeth at Yellow Finch Designs, moved house she decorated each of her children's rooms and found her littlest's, 'one of the easiest projects,' she'd tackled.

Elizabeth made the beautiful feather mobile and dream catcher painting herself then added prints from Yumi Yumi and The Black Apple.

The makeover included repainting, pulling up the carpet and turning the walk-in-wardrobe into a play space complete with a little all-in-one kitchen. Doesn't it look inviting? I think my two littlest kiddos would have a ball in there.

You can find the whole tour and details of Jessica's lovely abode over on Yellow Finch Designs

Thank you for sharing your space with us Elizabeth and Jessica!


  1. This looks lovely Bron! Thank you so much for featuring Yellow Finch and Jessica's room.

  2. you're very welcome Elizabeth! I bet she has a great time in there :)

  3. Gorgeous - look at that lovely play kitchen!! Definitely looks like a wonderfully fun space to create childhood memories in.
    Ronnie xo

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