happy easter from 1985

posted on: Friday, March 29, 2013

How did you celebrate Easter when you were a kid?

On that day up there I remember waking up to find a trail of eggs through my room leading to a funny Donald Duck chocolate hanging behind my bathrobe, caramel-filled Red Tulip eggs on my dresser and two bunnies in a ceramic basket. I was in heaven. Probably we went to church, but I don't remember.

*            *            *

Yesterday the kiddo said, "You know what makes me the most happy? When everyone in the whole family is all together at the same time."

Well, the same thing makes us happy then. I told him.

I hope you are having a lovely long weekend and doing whatever makes you happy too :)


  1. How cute were you!
    I remember waking up and heading down to the living room and tearing it apart to find eggs...Easter at home comes at the tail end of winter so outside egg hunts weren't really possible.
    Then my sister and I would put all the eggs together and divide them evenly between ourselves...my parents probably made us do this.
    And then we always went to a museum...probably because we didn't go to church.
    And finally off to my grandparents for a big lamb roast with the family!

    Happy Easter!

    1. your museum outing and big lunch day sounds so fun! maybe I'll try that one year -- I think all the kiddos, even the big one, would love that.

  2. Replies
    1. aww, thanks jenny. I was all about that pink frilly dress. I wore it with knee socks and shiny shoes.
      I think I was about a year or so away from asking for clothes in hot pink, denim and fluros. he, he.

  3. look at YOU! so cute.

    happy easter to you and your people.

    rachel xoxo

    1. thanks rachel! we've been taking it easy at our place: egg hunt, little swim at the beach, brunch, and now to do some egg craft with the kiddo while the lady naps. feeling lucky :)

  4. those pics are priceless! and so cute what your son said!! happy easter :)

  5. I am sure lots of kids today spend the day with an iphone or iPad :(


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