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posted on: Friday, March 22, 2013

So. No more Google Reader (sad face).

But we can adapt, right? So now if you'd like you can read baby space on bloglovin' -- the layout looks clean and easy and I've already imported most of my reading list in a painless click so I'm all set to do some weekend reading. C'mon over if you fancy :)

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  1. Done and done. Love Bloglovin!

  2. Have you noticed how these spamettes are even on the normal comments now and how they often read like Yoda? If you have a solution do let me know. AT this point i should say...on my blog, blah blah blah. How do we change to Bloglovin'? I didn't even know GR was gone yet. Where have I been?

    1. begone spamettes! honestly I don't usually read them beyond noting that spam has snuck through. I am still a newbie at bloglovin but I just signed up on the home page, 'claimed' my blog and started importing my google reader list -- these were all clear options that I just clicked along with. I am sad about the google features going but that's technology... zip, zip ;)


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