easter : bunny pirate hat (really)

posted on: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This is what the kiddo and I made for his Easter Hat Parade. It was all his vision and was super easy to make. We used:

white cardboard
pink cardboard
black cardboard
marker + pencils
(and not pictured here, cotton wool balls that we'll stick to the front and back of the ears)

I drew the shapes on the cardboard, erased the pencil lines then cut them out. For the hat:

2 x pirate hat shapes from black cardboard and stapled to
1 x black cardboard band made to fit the kiddo's head

Then I cut out the ears:

1 x ear shape from white cardboard
2 x inner ear shapes from pink cardboard

The kiddo put glue on the pink cut-outs and stuck them down.

We talked about what would go on the front. He suggested a Pirate Easter Egg Bunny with a sword and a dagger. I suggested that school may not look kindly upon representations of weapons. So he picked a dastardly Pirate Easter Egg Bunny with crossbones. And spots. 

He drew it. Then he cut it out. Then he asked me to cut it out more neatly.

Then we stuck the ears to the front side of the hat. I'll probably staple them as well. 

Would you like to see him in it? I'll try to get a good snap on the day. He also made a sign to hang around his neck that says, 'I am an Easter Bunny Pirate.' You know, in case there's any confusion. 


  1. It´s amazing to read something from the other part of the world! I love your blog and the things you do. Kisses from Spain

  2. Ha ha, what a cute antidote to the pastel bunny overload!

    1. isn't it? he goes through these phases where he really fixates on a character or theme. pirates are the flavour of the month ;)

  3. Replies
    1. thanks lila, the ears were kinda heavy once the cotton wool went on so he did a a trial parade (walked around the lounge room)to see if it would stay together. it did. yay for small victories!

  4. I have no idea what an Easter parade is or why you would need a hat for it...but I love this one!
    And I have no doubt that I will be busting out my own version of a bunny pirate hat in a few years!

    1. ;) every year at Easter time in primary schools around Aus, an annual Easter Hat Parade is held -- the kidddos (often with parental help) make their own hats, bring them to school and parade around the yard. it sounds weird when I put it like that doesn't it? they're usually lots of fun.


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