this parenting caper : the first day

posted on: Monday, February 4, 2013

Has your kiddo just started school too?

On this day of firsts I was having some seconds moments. This is the second time I have helped my son tie his new school shoelaces. The second time I have walked my child on the big first day. The second time I have filled out kindy forms, labelled the new school bag and met the new school teachers.

On this boy's first day of school what I was remembering was his big brother's first day, exactly one decade ago.

Back on that summer's day in 2003 I was a uni student in my final year of a BA. I was a single parent. I was young. Really young.

When I turned up at the hall for the first parents meeting I felt like a complete fraud. It felt like just yesterday that I was one of the kids. Could I really be one of the parents?

But I was excited for him, my first and only child back then.

And I was super excited for this guy too.

We counted down the sleeps together.

We set out his new uniform and his giant broad-brimmed hat.

At the last minute the big brother, now 15, decided to walk with us too. "My whole family walked me to school!" Max told me proudly (if somewhat unnecessarily).

I've noticed that many mamas have been sad to see their little one's start. Maybe I'll feel this way when it's Rose's turn, my last baby. 

The world opens up a bit more when school starts; there is so much adventure out there, so many new things to learn and do, so many really cool experiences to be had. So right now I don't feel too sad.

Plus, child caring under 5's is a lot of work. It's nice to be finished that part and be able to share the educational load.

So he's off. Goodbye preschooler. Hello big kid.

I know you're going to shine.


  1. So lovely. Hope he had a wonderful first day! I hope I feel like you when my Olive starts school ... excited to share the educational load. Kellie xx

    1. he did! I hope you feel excited too kellie. today he came home and showed me some sign language he'd learnt. v cool :)

  2. Aw.. Happy first day! He looks like the kind of kid that just jumps head first into anything with happiness. Hm, I'm not sure you'd like to trade in kindergarden days to primary school days and homework. I kind of miss those carefree days..

    1. he is that kind of kid, it's a lot of fun. no trade thanks ;) supervising the biggest brother's studies is enough for this mama for now!


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