mini house tour : part two

posted on: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

When I was putting together our little tour I realised how many collections we have in our home -- books, CDs, surfboards, snow globes, magazines, children (just kidding).

I've already posted this photo but it made sense to include it here to give perspective. You can see how the dining area leads into the lounge area, which leads into the study, which leads into the kitchen. Classic narrow terrace living.

On our fridge:  photos and postcards. The top middle picture is the mister as a kid. The little blondie in the middle is the eldest at age one and a half.

Some of my magazine collection. Lots of Australian Vogue, some dating back to the '90s (high school days) as well as British, American, Teen and French Vogue, Frankie, Russh, Country Style, Living Etc. The list goes on. I don't throw out glossies and go back to them quite often.

In the kitchen: can you see the surfboards by the fridge? There are more on the other side of the fridge too. Next to them is a tiny laundry cupboard. The French doors lead out to a little raised courtyard where we keep potted plants and two guinea pigs called Mookie and Peso. The boys named them.

Looking into the kitchen from the study area. We keep the computer paraphernalia like the printer, scanner and paper in the red Ikea PS locker.

A little kitsch gallery in the living area. I love thrifting for funny old pieces. These ones come from garage sales, markets and Mitchell Road Antique Centre in Alexandria. The top left is a self portrait the eldest drew in grade six. Max has named the girl in the bottom left 'Angelina'.

In the study area again, the popular and contemporary fiction bookshelf which is a mishmash of randomness. Top shelves: board games and biographies, plus the kids and my snow globe collection that I started 14 years ago. Middle shelf: we still have a large CD collection, mostly the mister's as I am sadly musically challenged.

More magazines. These ones were stacked on an industrial spool repurposed as a side table by the lounge.

Some of Rose's little shoes in the nursery: two hand-me-down pairs (the checkered ones used to be Max's) and a sparkly gift pair.

So that was a few of the little corners around our home, I hope you enjoyed visiting! Do let me know if I can tour your home too, I'd love to see :)

Part one of our mini house tour.

{all photographs except for the magazines by the gorgeous seth and tenielle at feather and stone photography.}


  1. Thank you for sharing your home!

    You are welcome to check mine out.
    I cringe a bit at these posts...they were from when I first started the blog and the photography and the way I posted the photos seems so amateur!
    Live and learn I suppose!
    Anyway, come on in and take a peak!

    1. yay! no cringing needed, I am loving taking a peak. x

  2. I love the tour! Thanks for sharing!! i especially love the surfboards in the kitchen; something you would never see in a Toronto home! :)

    1. lack of storage strikes again ;) I counted the surfboards. there are 9.

  3. Great tour, and such a cozy home! Your house kind of reminds me of my own, if we surfed and if I collected magazines. We also have a narrow house and hardly any storage, except for our very unfinished basement. I have posted a couple of house and room tours, but I only just now realized how much we change things around in just one year. Must be time for another tour!

    1. thanks stephanie! it's so nice I can visit you and your beautiful family now, another tour would be great :)

  4. Fantastic house tour - LOVE a good house tour - definitely my fav blog post from any Blogger! Your home seems very cosy, warm, inviting, eclectic, trendy and creative. And you have a gorgeous looking family too!
    Thanks for sharing!
    P.S. Your daughters shoe collection is just divine!

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