baby : 11-13 months

posted on: Sunday, February 3, 2013

This lady has just turned 13 months. And my, how a baby can change from the 11th to the 13th month.

She has gone from being a sunny baby to a sunny-sometimes-scowly toddler complete with tantrums, pouting and a little more smarts.

But let's rewind a bit.

This girl had her first Christmas and I can tell you it was my favourite holiday ever. Seeing the three stockings belonging to each of the kiddos hanging from the mantle and knowing that my family was complete, and that we were all together for the very first time through the holidays was truly magical for me.

And while she didn't really understand what all the Christmas hoopla was about, the preschooler sure did and she loved his enthusiasm and excitement (as we did we all). It was so much fun.

A few days later I took the opportunity of her first birthday to throw a really girly party. I indulged us with a vintage floral themed little picnic in our favourite park. She tried her first slice of cake (with cherries on top) and she was all about it.

We were so lucky that both events were spent with most of our closest family and friends.

And then all of a sudden her communication became clearer.

The week she turned one she nursed as usual at bedtime, and then much to my amusement, she waved goodnight to me with her eyes closed when I lay her in her cot for the night.

Another time she bumped her head and cried and was able to point to show me where it hurt.

On another occasion she felt frustrated and showed me by hitting her little mouth in despair. (This hitting only lasted for a week or so, thank goodness).

Now she has nearly five teeth. Little chomper. Sometimes she gets so into cuddling that she bites me, not hard, but enough for me to remind her to be gentle.

As you can see, one of her favourite pastimes is being in the water. Pool, sea, bath -- she is not fussy. If there is water she is in it. She charges straight into the sea, scrunching up her face against the tide. And she has started swim lessons with one of her little buddies. They swim in an ocean pool at Bondi Beach so they have to wear teeny tiny wetsuits. This is very cute.

So this her last baby update. Miss Rose is now a toddler. She's done it. We've done it. We made it through her first year. A huge year. A year of sleeplessness, colds, post-natal anxieties, sibling bonding, teeth cutting, rollingcrawling, walking, drooling and discovering new foods.

A year where I have started to learn about being a mother to a girl. Turns out, this is something I am loving, and something that is influencing where I think I want to put my energies in the future. Being a parent is something I love and am passionate about. Being a mother of a girl adds an extra layer of meaning for me; I passionately want my daughter, all our daughters, to grow up not just feeling free, but being free.

I want them to be able to choose what kind of life they have. To be respected. To be valued.

And I am so, so grateful to the mister, her dad (who is the one holding her in some of these pictures). I know he will always encourage her, support her, believe in her and show his love for her. He is such a good man.

Every day she spends with him is one day more she is learning how she can expect to be treated*. She is very, very fortunate. And so am I.

your babyhood has been wonderful miss rose. I am so looking forward to all the adventures we will continue to have as you toddle into your next year of life. thank you for being our daughter. love, mama. 

If you fancy catching up on the lady's babyhood here she is at 11 months9 months8 months7 months6 months5 months4 months3 months2 months1 month and newborn.

{this new toddler is wearing a dress and swimsuit from country road kids. }

* by menfolk etc. of course she is learning how she can expect to be treated from me too :)


  1. What an adorable smile she has. She looks so happy! xxx

    1. thank you andrea, she is usually a very happy baby :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing her first year with us! It was a joy to follow along - she is just a gorgeous little girl. So funny how she waved goodnight to you!

    1. you are very welcome jenny! she is starting to do v amusing little things, such a fun age.

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