back to school : lunch boxes + lunch ideas

posted on: Monday, January 21, 2013

With the preschooler heading off to big school (next week!) I have big plans to bust my previously poor lunch-making record and get all bento busy. I'm not the world's most enthusiastic chef but I do like making things look purty so we'll see how I go. (Did you ever read Hating Alison Ashley by Robin Klein? Do you remember Erica Yurken's mother who felt packing school lunches was one of the most boring jobs in the world? Uh huh.)

So I'm thinking these super cute lunch boxes are the perfect inspiration for lunch packing. The soon-to-be-big-schooler already has his Gooodbyn lunchbox all decorated and ready to go (we reviewed it a couple of years ago for MumsDelivery) and I have been pinning bentorific images of inspiration in preparation.

Now, let's just hope he doesn't lose his lunch box on the first day ;)

Have you been getting a little one ready for big school too? Any easy peasy lunch ideas you'd like to share?

1. Blafre red birdy lunchbox, approx $25 AUD plus shipping from Shorties. 2. Goodbyn lunchboxes from approx $9.50 AUD plus shipping from biome. 3. Diner lunch bag, approx $24.95 from lark. 4. Cowboy snack box by Alimrose, approx $9.95 AUD plus shipping from baby donkie. 5. Blafre red elephants thermos, approx $48.95 AUD plus shipping from baby donkie. 6. Cubby House lunch box notes, approx $7.95 AUD from lark.


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