fun stuff : cakies A-frame tent

posted on: Friday, August 31, 2012

Even though it's still a few months until the lady's first birthday (and I'm certainly not wishing those precious baby months away!) I've started thinking up ideas for her first celebration. I'm not the craftiest mama in the club but I am hoping to create a little picnic party in the park (this same park that we celebrated the preschooler's 3rd birthday at) with patchwork picnic blankets, light and fluffy cakes and maybe even an A-frame tent for the littles. I love this one that Rubyellen made for her girls.

Do you have any birthday planning coming up? Do you have any tips for tent making or birthday planing? I'd love to hear!

A-frame tent as seen on cakies.

for the library : where children sleep

posted on: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photographer James Mollison travelled the globe to capture images of the first places we call home: our childhood bedrooms.

10 year-old Juan David's room in Brazil.

Mollison was both fascinated and saddened by the contrasts he documented and has presented his photographs of the children in portrait style shots alongside their rooms in his book, 'Where Children Sleep'.

 Four year-old Jazzy and her room in the USA.

You can read about James Mollison's thoughts on his project in this Huffington Post interview and buy your own copy for $24.30 AUD from Fishpond or $19.80 USD from Amazon.

All photographs by James Mollison from his book, Where Children Sleep. Top image: four year-old Kaya's room in Japan. 

fun stuff : family time and words out of yarn

posted on: Friday, August 24, 2012

These cute yarn words have been popping up around the tubes for a while, such a simple idea and they look so easy to make, have you tried it? The kiddos room will be due for a makeover around summer time and it would be fun to get the preschooler involved in yarning up a word or two for his little space.

We have been busy bees this week; grabbing some family time in the snow before the end of winter, the man has been away and back home on business and the lovely Seth and Tenielle from Feather and Stone popped around to take some snaps of all of us in the baby space place.

The top picture is one I took of the lady while we were away. And that's the teen and the preschooler goofing around behind her. I love them so. I especially treasure any family time with the teen now that he is 15. 15! Nearly grown.

Do you enjoy movie dates with your littles? The boys and I are going to see Madagascar 3 together while the lady has some dad time. What are your weekend plans? I'd love to hear.

yarn font tutorial as seen on bloesem kids

room for baby : powder puff pink

posted on: Friday, August 17, 2012

Belinda from Nest Design Studio discovered this sweet nursery over on On To Baby

Belinda said, "Mum (and photographer), Gladys Lara created this soft and pretty nursery for her daughter, Claire. Three items in this nursery really jumped out at me when I first saw it; the beautiful, feminine wallpaper, the traditional rocking chair painted a soft pink and the pom-pom trim added to the white curtains. For more information and beautiful photos, head over to On to Baby."

Thanks for sharing this gorgeous space Belinda!

fun stuff : winter in the park

posted on: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last week we took advantage of a spot of sun -- before the westerly winds started up -- and headed out to our fave park. It was a bit chilly but miss lady was more than happy to scoot around on our new giant picnic rug. It's actually a bedspread that I have repurposed for giant picnics. Hoorah!

My ma's friend Caroll made this little '50s style baby jacket and hat for the lady. Aren't they adorable? We have received so many lovely gifts and handmade items for the lady, the preschooler and also the teen, (many years ago). While I'm terrible at formal thank-you's I feel truly grateful for each and every gesture.

As you can see this lady is on the move. She wanted to crawl right off the giant picnic rug and dig in the dirt.

p.s I have also opened a tiny Etsy Store. I love hunting for vintage goodies but my home is bursting at the seams (or so the man feels ;) so I am going to share them with you! If you fancy a vintage item or two from down Sydney way, I plan to add more items over the next few months so stay tuned :)

Do you love giving handmade goodies to new babies? I love giving baby gifts. Or do you have a fave handmade item that was gifted to your wee ones? I'd love to hear.

room for baby : somewhere over the rainbow

posted on: Friday, August 10, 2012

Nicole from Little Liberty created a rainbow wonderland fit for a little king.

A felt freckle ottoman and rug inject the space with a playful warmth.

Nicole said, "My favourite look for a babies rooms at the moment is this one I just completed -- it's multicoloured and fun which I think gives off a fresh modern feel. The room evolved after I purchased the striking Taj Mahal like castle decal - after that I had free reign with colors and decided that the felt freckle rug and pouf were a must. I had so much fun choosing other pieces for the room after that because brights 'are so hot right now'. My favourite finds are the top hat/moustache mobile above the cot, pencil clock (made from real pencils!) and the green fox pillow on the red chair."

The moustache and top hat mobile makes a quirky, decorative statement above the cot.

A wooden shelving unit with space for display and doors for storage is the perfect place for fun finds.

Starburst patterns repeat in the whimsical multicoloured pencil wall clock and sun decal. 

Thanks for sharing your latest creation Nicole! You can check out more of Nicole's work at Little Liberty

wee style : breton stripes

posted on: Thursday, August 9, 2012

One of my fave looks on the preschooler is a navy and white or blue and white striped tee, so I was very pleased to see the latest Country Road collection featuring this cute item. The wee man already has similar shorts from Cotton On Kids (actually he has several very similar t-shirts but you can never have too many breton stripes, right?) so he'll be all set to sport this look when the weather warms up. The shoes are cute but a bit conservative -- I'd prefer to see some little Cons in their place.

Do you have a pattern or colour you gravitate towards for youself or your kiddos? I quite like a navy stripe for myself too :)

You can peruse more baby space wee style on Pinterest if you'd like.

Bateau T-Shirt, approx $24.95 AUD, Chino Short approx $39.95 AUD and Unisex Boat Shoe $34.95 AUD all from Country Road Kids. (This is not a sponsored post, I just dig the outfit.)

meet the mama : andrea from little buckles

posted on: Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"We had just moved to France and had been renovating our house when I became a mum. Luckily my parents-in-law had a holiday home nearby that we could stay in, as breathing in dust and paint fumes was a little worrying when pregnant.

Now Sam is 5 and his sister Isabella is 2. At the moment it’s the summer school holidays. We’re enjoying the relaxed routine --  but not Scott my husband, who works as a carpenter. I try to get house chores done in the morning and afternoons are for play and activities. The Limousin region where we live is full of swimming lakes and beaches, so we are taking full advantage whilst the weather is good.

Sam and Bella don’t play with their toys often. Instead they love to paint, draw and play make believe. I have a 1970’s children’s craft book which Sam loves to make things from. They love to bake too. Though, Bella at 2 years old is happy with a bowl, egg and flour and a wooden spoon.

I didn't realise how full on it and tiring being a mum would be. Or how I could love two people so much. I was worried I wouldn't be able to love Bella as much as Sam but it really has no boundaries and just keeps growing and growing.

Before I was pregnant I wish I’d know about all the blogs out there! Being pregnant in France, not knowing anyone and not speaking the language fluently, I was pretty lost. I didn't realise all the information and help that was out there in blog land. I had a text book and a French dictionary. Luckily, it was a good experience on the whole.

The hardest part of being a mama is that I never feel confident in following my beliefs where kids are concerned. Am I doing this job well? Am I showing them how to behave properly, to eat properly? So many parents do their routine differently and I sometimes feel torn in various directions. It’s also hard not to wrap them in cotton wool. I am far too protective and scared they will harm themselves. But, I know I should let them be kids too.

 My favourite part of being a mum is seeing them have fun in this country life we lead. They can open the front door and run free. We live in such a safe place and being at home I can hopefully teach them about growing their own food, how to live simply and generally be there for them.

Blogs help me parent well. Reading about others experiences -- good and bad. Knowing that I am human after all. Being inspired about living spaces and kids crafts gets me motivated to be an active parent. Also, looking forward to the future. Knowing that as long as my children are happy and healthy then I did a good job bringing them up and giving them solid roots.

The best parenting advice I've been given is 'love life' -- a friend of my husband said this to him once. If you love life it will provide a good basis for everything else.

If I were to give advice to new mamas it would be don’t be pressured into anything when it comes to children. All children are different. You need to feel you are doing the right thing. Listen to advice by all means but don’t be told how you should bring up your own children."

You can follow Andrea's country life in France at Little Buckles and shop at her store, Petit Bonhomme Vintage on Etsy.

one for me please : teeny tiny people

posted on: Monday, August 6, 2012

Do you remember the book (not the movie) called The Borrowers about teeny tiny people that live in the walls and the floors? I loved that book as a child and when I saw this awesome nail art by Alice Bartlett it took me back. I think I'll hunt down a copy and indulge.

You can nab your own copy of The Borrowers by Mary Norton from Fishpond from approx $7.07 AUD or from Amazon from approx $6.99 USD.

What were your favourite books as a child? I'd love to hear!

inspired by : a very brady space

posted on: Thursday, August 2, 2012

Did you think the Brady girls' room was just super too?

I loved racing home from school to watch the apple pie lives of The Brady Bunch family play out against a backdrop of bright green AstroTurf and faux wood panelling. And of course the Brady girls' room was the first on-screen kid's space I adored. All that carefully coordinated pink!

Fancy recreating the space that was home to Marcia's heartbreak, Jan's jealousy and Cindy's pouting? These 5 tips will get you well on the way:

1. Pink was the colour of the day in the earliest Brady girls' room. You might like to try the shade 'Birthday Candle' by Porter's Original Paints for painting the doors, window frames and cornices. 

2. Papering the walls, or even just one feature wall in vintage daisy paper will provide a genuine '70s mood. You might like to try '70s wallpaper in pink and white from Rico Bel on Etsy, or vintage daisy wallpaper in pink, blue and yellow from Kitschy Koo Collage.

3. Nothing says the '70s like a chenille spread. This pink and white beauty from Vintage Retrievers is a wonderful complete piece. You can also find a nice array of chenille spreads and fabrics at Sleeping Cat Cottage

4. I never realised before that the Brady ladies were uke fans but their dresser d├ęcor holds the proof. You can choose your own at

5. Complete the Brady look with an outfit fit for "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" using this 1960s Butterick pattern from Miss Betty's Attic. If (like me) your sewing skills are somewhat lacking you might like to use the skills of someone like Faithworks4U who specialise in making girls vintage style dresses.

You can relive more fun Brady moments at A Very Brady Blog.

Did you have a favourite TV kid's room? I'd love to hear!
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