baby : 6 months

posted on: Friday, June 29, 2012

dear baby,
you are half a year old! congratulations little lady. it is my pleasure to tell you that you are still the happiest baby on the block, always ready with a smile for me and your dad and your brothers, and anyone really. (you have not developed separation anxiety yet!) you are also now the fattest baby on the block. I was a little chunky monkey too, so I guess you get that from me. you are fast growing out of your 00 clothes and are more comfy in size 0s.

one for me please : sarah jane embroidery

posted on: Thursday, June 28, 2012

In this life I have not been blessed with traditional womanly skills such as sewing, cooking and the like, but I love simple and quirky embroideries and hold out hope that perhaps embroidery could be a gateway skill to harder things... like say, quilting. What do you think? ;)

Either way, I think these embroidery patterns by Sarah Jane Studios are the sweetest. Wouldn't they be the  perfect gift for a crafty mama-to-be?

Do you embroider? Any tips? I'd love to hear! 

sweet images from
sarah jane studios blog.

meet the mama : nicole from little liberty

posted on: Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Before I was pregnant a normal day meant getting up a 7.30 and getting ready for work, which I think is much easier than getting three kids ready for school! My kids are, Ruby who is 7, Millie who is 5 and Archie who is 2.

Now a normal day means getting up at 6.30, making lunches, making three different types of breakfast, cleaning up the kitchen, getting everyone dressed (rush, rush, rush) doing everyone's hair, packing bags and eventually getting myself ready.

The most 
surprising thing about motherhood is how much responsibility I now have and also how I didn’t appreciate life enough without any responsibilities! Also the unconditional love that you can have for more than one child.

Before I was pregnant I wish I'd known how good life was without being responsible for other people – I should have stayed in bed for longer in the mornings and gone to more movies during the day!

The hardest part of being a mum to three is finding enough one on one time with each child – and making each child feel really special.  

My favourite parts of motherhood are the laughter, love and the feeling that we have created our own little tribe.

Even though I didn’t always agree with the way my parents parented me I now see what they did was right, and that has been such a big help (since I’ve turned out to be such a model human being!).

The best parenting advice I've been given is: 1. One warning is always enough. 2. Stick to your guns. 3. Never threaten with a punishment that you won’t go through with. 4. Love hard, laugh hard and give as many sloppy kisses as possible!" 

nicole is a baby space contributor and also blogs at little liberty

inspired by : tidy toys

posted on: Monday, June 25, 2012

Are you a bit of a neat freak? I go through stages where I love for things to be tidy so this level of organisation really speaks to me. How amazing would it be if the wee ones kept their toys this neat?! (Of course these toys are arranged by a grownup.)

Do you encourage your kids to keep their rooms neat as a pin or are you happy for them to organise their space to their own tastes? I'd love to hear.

image of tidiness by sarah harvey. story all about her lovely home on the etsy blog : get the look decor.

not-for-profit love : sponsors

posted on: Friday, June 22, 2012

This month I offered a few lovely businesses the opportunity to join a little venture that's very close to my heart -- this month baby space is donating 50% of all sponsorship dollars to AFESIP and the Somaly Mam Foundation to help women and child survivors of human trafficking. If you'd like, you can read more about my hopes to raise money on our new not-for-profit page.

Tom from 41 Orchard and Tessa from Down That Little Lane hopped right on board when I told them about the baby space campaign, have you seen their gorgeous online stores?

Down That Little Lane was created by Tessa especially to share the gorgeous treasures she so passionately loves to hunt down. If you're looking for a delightful gift, beautiful homewares or high quality threads, you'll be sure to find them here. (DTLL even have a cheese tower wedding cake!)

Account holders can also take part in DTLL's fortnightly giveaways so it's worth checking in to see if this week's goodies tickle your fancy.

From Down That Little Lane: (Top) Hand printed 'Hello' cushion cover by Hello Milky, approx $32 AUD.  Easy Tunic, approx $81 AUD by robe of feathers. Belle & Boo Bubbles Before Bed To Do Book, approx $19.95 AUD.

41 Orchard has a plethora of delightful wall decals from chalkboard stickers, to eye-catching nature scenes and unique name plates. They deliver worldwide and have a flat postal rate of $6 AUD for Australia.

41 Orchard also have an end of financial year sale on, so you might like to head on over now if you're keen to snap up a discount.

From 41 OrchardGiraffe Wall Stickers, approx $60 AUD. Plane Name Stickers, approx $60AUD. Cloud Wall Stickers, approx $60 AUD. 

Have a lovely weekend and happy shopping!

p.s SheKnows posted their list of '10 Australian home and living bloggers that we love' and they included baby space. Thanks SheKnows, we are chuffed to be included. You can take a squiz at the article here if you'd like.

meet the mama : claire from one claire day

posted on: Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Before falling pregnant with Lalie, my husband Paddy and I lived in Marrickville, Sydney in our converted warehouse apartment. A normal day for me involved sourcing and styling for women's fashion advertising campaigns and magazine editorials. Each day was different, depending on the job. Most days were spent shooting in studio or out on location.

On the days I wasn’t shooting, you would most likely find me driving around the city like a crazy person trying to view collections and source product for upcoming jobs or returning product after a job had been completed. In the evenings we would often dine out to enjoy the amazing food our pocket of the city had to offer. Weekends were spent puttering about markets and antique shops, heading out to concerts and local gigs and just generally exploring the city. When I look back now, we enjoyed a rather selfish existence in the years leading up to parenthood.

Our life now is so completely different. When I was five months pregnant with Lalie, we moved back to our hometown of Townsville in North Queensland. We had been away living in London and Sydney for eight years, so we felt it was time to move back to be close to the friends and family we had missed so dearly. With a baby on the way, we craved somewhere with a slower pace, where living was more affordable, and a place that provided us with a bigger support network. So we sold our apartment in Sydney, packed up our things and made our journey home.

Life here is so much slower, there is space to move and the air is cleaner. We spend our days exploring and playing in our big backyard with our dogs or enjoying a walk by the beach. We spend a lot of time at home, chipping away on the renovation of our old Queenslander which we are slowly but surely putting our mark on. For the last sixteen months, I've been fortunate enough to stay at home full time with Lalie.

Unfortunately, I can’t really work as a stylist in Townsville -- there is no industry here. I am in the midst of planning to launch my own business that I am very excited about -- something I can work on from home which will allow me to spend as much time with Lalie (and hopefully some other babies in the future) as possible. Overall, it’s an absolute pleasure to stay home with my daughter every day, although there are days where life can start to stagnate and feel monotonous. Some days you feel relaxed and in control and other days are a little (a lot!) overwhelming. I’ve learnt to accept that as a mum, you’re always going to have both good and bad days -- you can’t be perfect all the time, and that’s okay.


The thing that surprises me most about becoming a mama is how little sleep I can actually function on! I wish I had known just how much of a struggle it would be at times. People did warn me, but to be honest, up until becoming a mum, I had rather a high opinion of myself. Nothing brings you down to earth more than having a child. I now have so much respect for all the amazing mothers out there, especially my own. Where I might have been quick to judge before, I now have a new found level of understanding and compassion. 

I think the hardest part is holding on to yourself as a person. It’s so easy for all your energy to go into the caring and wellbeing of your little one, but it’s so important for the whole family that the mother is nurtured. It’s difficult to make yourself a priority, but so important.

I love that being a mum lets me tap into the purity and innocence of childhood. Engaging in imaginative play and exploration with my daughter lets me see the world through her eyes -- to me, that’s the most magical part of motherhood. 

When I look after myself and I am eating and sleeping well, there’s such a noticeable difference in my approach to parenting. Having a really supportive, hands-on husband also makes such a huge difference.


The best parenting advice I've been given is to always let your children know how loved they are, no matter what behavioral issues arise. Love is always the answer.

If I were to give advice to new mamas I'd say, talk to other mums, surround yourself with people in similar situations to you - adult companionship is really important and I've found, on the most part, other mother’s advice to be really helpful."

photographs 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 by 
tim coulson
find claire at her blog, one claire day, and at her vintage etsy shop, bug and beetle

one for me please : vintage toys

posted on: Monday, June 18, 2012

I have a (new) addiction. I can admit it.

My love of nostalgia is well-documented, so it's probably not too surprising.

I definitely get the most excited when I come across a toy or book I used to own that I haven't seen in years, then I kind of get a fun rose-tinted flashback to my childhood.

 Ah, nostalgia.

Do you like treasure hunting online or do you prefer live markets? I'd love to hear!

vintage etsy treasures from top: fisher price record player, apple chime, play phone, wooden blocks, 1958 mickey mouse puzzle

baby : 23-24 weeks

posted on: Friday, June 15, 2012

dear baby,

you have been 
growing up and getting around these past couple of weeks.

you have started solids: avocado and banana, which you love. the banana gives you banana breath.

you have moved from your hammock into your cot. it has been five days and sadly, you are still not a fan. don't worry, you'll get there, cots are great! spacious and all that. 

i'm surprised you're not crawling but you still enjoy creeping backwards and will spend hours doing this. you like to wiggle off the lounge room mat and onto the floorboards where you paw at the knots in the wood like a cat after a mouse.

you just tried water out of a bottle -- you didn't seem too sure about that but gave the bottle teat a good chew. you love your brothers and your dad and me. 

we went and visited your dad at his new job and had lunch in the city. the girls in the sushi place thought you were cute. we went to our first all-day conference and you were a little golden girl, hanging out in your comfy ergo carrier. 

every time I tell you you're beautiful I try to remember to tell you that you're smart too, because you are. and I love you.

love, mama.  

20- 22 weeks18-19 weeks17 weeks16 weeks, 15 weeks, 14 weeks, 13 weeks, 12 weeks, 11 weeks, 10 weeks, 9 weeks, 8 weeks, 7 weeks, 6 weeks, 5 weeks, 4 weeks, 3 weeks, 2 weeks, newborn

{vintage yellow swiss dot dress from 1sweetdreamvintage on etsy. tights from petit bateau. bow from aldi. everywhere friend bunny gifted by stuck on you.}

room for baby : green peace

posted on: Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"I always knew I wanted a cheery, colourful space – nothing too matchy matchy or themed," revealed Claire of oscarlucinda. "We didn’t know whether we were having a girl or a boy, but it didn’t really matter. Most of the things I bought could have been for a baby of either gender."

Wee Saskia's favourite? "The hot air balloon mobile (above the cot) is always guaranteed to get a smile, a gasp of delight, or a hearty giggle. Especially when a ‘puff of wind’ sends the balloons spinning. Oh that was a great discovery! Such a beautifully simple design too."

"At the moment Saskia doesn’t sleep in her room," explained Claire. "So it feels more like a playroom and she loves spending time in here. She will ride the little rocking horse for hours too."

Tranquil and friendly.

who lives here
Saskia, 7 months, in Canberra, ACT, Australia.

"I had been collecting bits and pieces for a while - from garage sales, online, lovely little local shops, things I had seen on blogs or in magazines. The felt garland was from Down To The Woods, The Littlephant giraffe poster was from Huset, the You are Loved decal was from Shanna Murray, the fabric wall decal was from Petit Collage, the lamp was from Beacon Lighting,the marionette gift cards in frames were from Darling Clementine, the baby gym was from Ikea and Saskia’s ceramic garland and star was from Paper Boat Press. Saskia was lucky to be gifted a lot of beautiful things including the Rob Ryan bunting, the ‘hoot hoot mobile, the wooden rainbow stacker, the embroidered ‘S’ hankie, the rocking horse and cane chair."


"We painted the walls white and the brick wall ‘sweet pea’. K, my partner, is going to kill me for writing this, but I’m dying to change it!"

"We were given the cot by K’s sister (used by her 3 children), picked up the change table for under $100 AUD on eBay, bought a Billy bookcase from Ikea. I didn’t want to spend much money on furniture, especially on items like a change table, as you only use them for so long. The rocking chair belonged to my mother’s nanna (Saskia’s great great grandmother), so it’s a very special, treasured piece. I love thinking about the four generations of women who have cradled and rocked their babes to sleep in that chair. The lipped shelves are from Ikea and are perfect for Sakia’s collection of special books (the rest of the library lives in a plastic tub in the cupboard awaiting a basket or box…I’ve been keeping my eyes out at garage sales!). I’m a great believer in the importance of reading and have been collecting beautifully illustrated children’s books for a long time now, so I love seeing them on display. When Saskia is a wee bit older we’ll lower the shelves so she can pick out the books she wants to read."

renovate and diy
"I bought an Ink &Spindle ‘Allsorts Quilt Kit’ when I was pregnant (the kits are sadly discontinued) and Mum and I put it together just before Saskia’s birth. I remember crawling around on all fours on my mum’s floorboards pinning it all together and complaining about my belly being in the way. It was quite a sight. I’m now halfway through hand sewing the details in each panel, so what you see on the bed in the photos is sort of cheating – it’s hasn’t been binded yet! The hand sewing is taking quite a while, but it’s a lovely quiet thing to do at night, and it feels satisfying to steadily chip away at a crafty project…I like to think of Saskia running her hands over the stitches in the quilt, knowing that her mama and her JanMa made it lovingly for her."

best buys 
"The best buys were all garage sale finds: the bevelled mirror ($5), the small green chair, ($5 for two) mini flokati rug ($30), almost all the wooden toys on the shelves. I also adore the You are Loved decal by Shanna Murray. I read it aloud to Saskia each night before we turn out the light and head into our room. I think every child should be told this every day. So important."

Thanks so much Claire and Saskia for sharing your space with baby space!

giveaway : dragonfly toys

posted on: Monday, June 11, 2012

Yippee! It's a gorgeous international giveaway from Dragonfly Toys. Dragonfly Toys are giving one baby space reader this Heirloom Patchwork Quilt valued at $125 AUD.

The Heirloom Patchwork Quilt is made from 100% cotton and lined with weighty cotton velvet. As an added bonus this beautiful creation is a Fair Trade product made in the Indian Himilaya. If you miss out on this giveaway you may want to buy your own -- proceeds from sales help the families of Tibetan refugees living in India.
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