baby : 12 weeks

posted on: Friday, March 30, 2012

Someone is becoming super, super cuddly.

Cuddly, and even more chatty. This wee lady is quite the little chatterbox given half the chance. She is still very polite though and tends to wait until she's been spoken to before squeaking ;)

I've heard that 12 weeks usually means a growth spurt is in order and it cannot be denied that she's been chowing down her milk and sleeping more than usual. I find it helpful to know what to expect. Then, when her behaviour suddenly changes I don't go into a tiny panic wondering what could be wrong (as you do).

If you're a new mama do you like to read guides or do you prefer to take things as they come? I'd love to hear!

{handmade wool cardigan from the baby and kids market. newborn bear hat from knitting paradise. organic cotton dress and bloomers by scout, gifted by lovely friends. knit boots by oshkosh b'gosh, handed down from the preschooler. sweet dimpled legs and chubby cheeks, baby's own.}

one for me please : 41 orchard

posted on: Thursday, March 29, 2012

In the baby space place the two smallest kidlets share a teeny space, and to be honest, so far I have done very little to personalise their respective corners. Right now everything --their toys, books, clothes etc -- are all kind of mooshed in together. But the preschooler does have a bold letter M on his side (his first initial) and I've been considering what, if any, personalising I should do for miss lady. Then while I was perusing our sponsor 41 Orchard's site, I spotted these cute name stickers.

I've had a bit of a thing for clouds lately so I'm favouring the cloud name sticker with it's gentle blue tone (there's a choice of blue or white) but I also like the name plaque. Adding a plaque over each bed, especially when the beds are arranged side by side, would be a quick, fun way to personalise each child's little area. Oh the choices!
41 Orchard also have a range of nursery wall stickers in a variety of motifs including animals, transport and trees. Do you have wall stickers in your nursery? Do you think I should get matching name plaques or mix it up a little? What would you do? I'm all ears :)

meet the mama : jodi from che and fidel

posted on: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Before I was pregnant with Che I drove around in a mint green 1978 Triumph and spent my time going to yoga classes, writing freelance for magazines, going to the beach, reading books, studying yoga and catching up with friends.In retrospect I had all the time in the world.

Daniel and I had been together for four months when we moved into a little (love) shack. Within the first month I was pregnant with Che.

Currently I'm the main breadwinner in our family. I work from home and every day I remind myself how lucky I am to have that opportunity. My primary job is freelance writing for a variety of magazines. I also teach prenatal yoga and birth workshops at my mother-in-law's yoga studio nearby. Daniel is trying to break into the film industry as a camera assistant – it's hard work but I believe he'll do it.When I'm working he takes care of the kids. When I'm not working we wander down to the beach, got for coffee at our local cafe and hang around at home. Our life is very simple, just how we like it.

When I had Che someone said to me: “You're a Muma forever now.” Of course I had never thought of it that way but I think as a statement it's all encompassing of this motherhood journey. It's 24/7, every day for always. It's hard work but by the far the most rewarding. I really love being a mum.

Letting go is hard. I remember during my pregnancy with Poet – the house was immaculate, everything was in order and I found that incredibly satisfying. I often reminded myself that it wouldn't be like that with a new baby. I don't cope well with mess or chaos but there's some days where I just have to ignore it and get on with the day. I tell my students all the time that letting go and surrendering is the essence of birth and the essence of motherhood. The sooner you surrender to the enormity of the role, the easier it becomes. “I am here now, being a Muma, looking after my baby. For now this is what I'm doing.”

I love them so. They just exude joy; happiness follows them everywhere. It's a blessing to be with them. I loved the journey of pregnancy, I love that I birthed them in the gentlest way possible and I'm proud of the way we are choosing to raise them. My happiest days are spent with them. We all went to Bunnings yesterday and we bumped into a friend of ours. She asked if we were going to have more kids and Daniel and I immediately said: “Yes!” We love being parents, we love growing a family. It's chaotic and challenging and tiring but wrapped up in the normalcy of it is pure joy.

Rhythm is the golden word. Once I found a rhythm with Che life became so much easier and I really feel that I settled into the groove of being a Muma. While my days are a little unpredictable now I do try to find rhythm – we wake, we eat, we play, I work, they go out, we have lunch, they nap, I prepare dinner etc. Flowing from one activity to the next. The Steiner education believes that children thrive when they have a rhythm but I would go as far as saying that families thrive when they have a rhythm.

I always tell my Mums & Bubs students that it really takes one year for you to feel like you know what you're doing as a mother. They all look at me rather shocked. A year?! Yep, one year. We used to live in villages with three generations is one household. Can you imagine the help the new mother would receive?

Nowadays our society very much expects the new mum to be out and about within a week of birthing. That's just cruel. I planned a babymoon for both my babies – I stayed at home for 3 weeks after I birthed them and it was the best thing I've ever done as a Mum. I established a really good breastfeeding rhythm, my babies were settled, I had the time and space to recover and gain my strength and not once did I feel stressed because I had to get ready to go out.

The best parenting advice I've been given is to go with the flow. A midwife friend told me that when I was pregnant with Che. I have kept those wise words with me since.

photographs 1, 6, 8 and 9 by tim couslon. find jodi on che and fidel.

inspired by : pinks and greys

posted on: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

clockwise from top: apartment therapy, juliet's white dreams, apartment therapy, carnets parisiens.

baby : 11 weeks

posted on: Thursday, March 22, 2012

11 weeks! miss baby is getting more vocal (so cute) and starting to dislike car trips (uh oh).

Her new development of the week is a long grumbling sound that she makes when she's bored; she's definitely becoming more social and she loves having chats with each member of our family.

I love how she kind of tilts her head and lights up when she smiles, and the preschooler in particular is enjoying making her smile more than ever, which really is the sweetest thing. When we're in the car he always holds her hand while they ride. I think they're going to be great pals.

The man and the teen are taking more of an interest in her now too -- for these early weeks she's very much been my baby but now that she's more interactive (as the man would say) they're taking time out to play with her. She is one super-loved little lady.

{pink jumpsuit by emotion and kids, current catalogue here. custom made patchwork quilt in vintage florals by tina magee sews. one left in the same fabrics here.}

giveaway : (love)mae baby sleeping bag

posted on: Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm a bit in love with (love)mae. And I'm totally crushing on their new organic sleeping bags for babies.

Available in pink, light blue and cerulean, you can nab one for approx $79.95 AUD plus shipping from (love)mae, or WIN one right here. Hoorah!

Simple steps to sleeping bag bliss:

1. Like (love)mae on Facebook.

2. Like, or already be a liker of baby space on Facebook, or a follower of baby space through Google Friend Connect.

3. Leave a comment on this post telling us which sleeping bag you'd love to win.

Winner will be chosen by random on the 4th April 2012. This giveaway is open internationally. Good luck!

***ETA*** Please make sure you check back on this post on the above date to see if you are the winner.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Congratulations Polly6034! You are the winner :) Please email me with your postal details:

room for baby : travelling neutral

posted on: Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A white space punctuated by a giant world map and monochrome striped curtains was created for 6 month-old Collin by his mum, Rachel.

Rachel and her husband found out two days before Collin was born that they had been chosen to be his adoptive parents! With little time to prepare beforehand, Rachel completed the room with an aviation theme (her husband is a pilot) when Collin was two months-old.

For more details on Collin's space and a list of sources, check out Apartment Therapy.

newborn essentials part two

posted on: Monday, March 19, 2012

Babies = stuff. Sometimes really, really cute stuff. Sometimes stuff that just makes it easier to get through the day. Here's part two of what the lady baby is using. (Part one is here.)

1. Nappy bag. Until I was around 36 weeks pregnant I was planning to skip the whole nappy bag thing and just use an oversized handbag. Then I saw a mama at our local mall with a black Skip Hop Duo hanging neatly from her stroller handles and I knew I'd
found my bag. It has nifty compartments to hold wipes, nappies, changes of clothes, wallet, phone, keys etc and comes with a portable change mat. Made from super hardy canvas, it has an appealing unisex utilitarian look. But the best thing about it is the removable messenger strap. I can take off the strap and clip the bag straight onto the stroller handles -- no slipping off! With the advice of the teen I chose the red one to match the red Bugaboo Frog pram we nabbed on eBay.
Skip Hop Duo Nappy Deluxe Nappy Bag in red, on sale for approx $55.95 AUD plus postage from Moo Said the Cow.

2. Swaddle. I am hopeless at swaddling babies. The preschooler was wrapped (very ineptly) in a swaddle that fastened with Velcro. The teen wasn't swaddled at all. This little miss is lucky because now Love To Swaddle Up are around and I can just zip her into one every sleep time with no fuss. Because she was a summertime baby we've used the Love to Swaddle Up Lite which has been perfect even on sweltering nights as the fabric is lovely and thin.
Love To Swaddle Up, from approx $39.95 AUD plus delivery from Love To Dream.

3. A place to sleep. Which in this lady's case is an Amby Baby hammock. We chose this hammock for the preschooler and the lady has inherited it. She loves it. It's supposed to be particularly good for colicky babies (which she isn't) but it's very cosy and light and the swinging motion is meant to replicate the swaying sensation similar to a pregnant mama's walk. It doesn't take up too much room which is a bonus with two kids sharing a teeny space. Wee ones can sleep in it for around 9 months.
Amby Baby Hammock, from approx $298 AUD plus delivery from Amby Baby Hammocks.

4. Stroller. We bought a Bugaboo for miss baby but I had to mention the Maclaren because it has served us so well with the preschooler. He was able to ride in it from day dot, it's incredibly sturdy, yet light and easy to fold up. I love the Bugaboo's cosy pram capabilities but it does drive me batty any time I want to adjust the seat or heaven forbid -- put it in the car. No such nightmare with the Maclaren. The Ryder model pictured (that we used for the preschooler) isn't available anymore but the Techno is also fabulous.
Maclaren Techno Stroller, on sale from approx $450.46 AUD plus shipping from Babyland SA.

5. Bumbo. She's not quite big enough for it yet but if she's anything like her super-curious big brother she'll love sitting up amongst the action rather than having to lay back on her baby blanket.
Bumbo, from approx $54 AUD plus delivery from Go Toddler.

newborn essentials : part one

meet the mama : elle from cherry and me

posted on: Thursday, March 15, 2012

"My life BC (before Cherry), was quite social, spontaneous and creative. I worked in an art gallery and ran my own graphic design business, Elleski Design. I loved heading out to art openings, trying out new trendy bars and catching up with friends in the evenings.

Now our day usually starts in our garden with breakfast, while Cherry feeds our pet chickens and I catch up on my favourite blogs on the iPad. Then we’ll load up the pram and stroll down to one of our local cafés to meet up with friends.

I'm surprised how quickly babies grow and develop. It’s amazing looking back at photos from only a few weeks ago and seeing how much Cherry has changed. Before I had Cherry I didn't know too much about what to expect and I’m glad I didn’t read any books. Ignorance is bliss! My husband and I learned on the job.

If had to give advice to other new mamas I would say, don’t be too strict with routines. Looking back I spent too much time worrying that Cherry wasn’t sleeping when she was meant to, rather than when she wanted too. Just look for the signs and your baby will tell you what they need.

The hardest thing for us is getting up on a Sunday morning after a big night out. Sleeping in is the only thing I miss. I love my new life.

I've set up my blog, Cherry and Me, to keep the creative juices flowing. I’m very lucky I can spend time with Cherry at home and plan on making the most of our time together. The best parenting advice I've been given is, 'Love the other parent'. Enough said!"

baby : 10 weeks

posted on: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This here is one determined little lady. I'll place her on her belly and pop a toy just out of her reach. She arches her back, pedals her fat little legs, and cranes her wobbly head in the toy's direction.

It's fascinating watching her get more coordinated. I've also found myself making up funny rhyming songs for her which she loves. She gurgles along with me, smiling and cooing at my silliness. Oh, this little lady just fills my heart with joy. Which is lucky because she's still quite keen on waking up all through the night.

I'm surprised by how much she enjoys tummy time. The preschooler always seemed
quite offended when I popped him on his baby belly.

{vintage blanket gifted by suzanne from mid century cycled. orange knit teddy by happy horse gifted by one of her godmothers. adele the handmade doll by warm sugar. toy cupcake belonging to the preschooler. liam the woodland fox and peony the woodland bear by sleepy king.}

room for two : lived-in floral

posted on: Monday, March 12, 2012

Created for Bella and Lily, (a preschooler and a toddler) this room reveals a neat bed configuration that can work well in a square space. With two beds lining opposing walls and an over-sized shared bedside table, the most is made of floor space for play.

Open shelving provides storage and a Paumes-esque, lived-in feel; indeed, Mum, Manda, took inspiration not only from Apartment Therapy (previously Ohdeedoh) and Flickr but also from Paumes in creating this sweet space for her girls.

More details on Bella and Lily's space on Apartment Therapy.

gorgeous mama : katie from

posted on: Thursday, March 8, 2012

If you've been following my friend Katie's blog then you'll have already heard her news: after losing her baby daughter last year, Katie is pregnant as she has been hoping to be for so long.

Congratulations friend. In the baby space place we're all wishing you the best for a wonderfully healthy pregnancy and baby. We have everything crossed for you!

baby : 9 weeks

posted on: Monday, March 5, 2012

Bonded. Bonded is how I'm feeling with miss sneezy baby here.

Every time I pick her up and smile at her she smiles back with her huge sweet grin. It lightens my heart. It's like a baby drug. So I smile at her more and more. And she smiles back. Sometimes she lets out a tiny squawking chuckle. It's the best.

When I put her down she looks for me and watches where I go. Where I try to go is to the right of her because she favours facing the left so much she has a big ole flat spot on her little noggin.

Sometimes we have little conversations. They go something like:

mama: Helloooo sweetheart!
baby: Argurgh ooo
mama: Oh, really? And what else?
(baby pauses to consider)
baby: Argur gurgh ooo. Ooo!
And so on and so forth.

Anyway. Thank you so much for your comments and tips on miss baby's sleeplessness. We've had some good days and bad, but definitely more of the good. So you know what I've decided? I've decided I'm not going to talk about her sleeping anymore. For a while anyway. But I may post a list of the best sleep tips I've been given. Because some of them have really helped me, and it's nice to share, right?

{amber teething necklace gifted. bumblee singlet from bonza bratz. wee fisherman pants handed down by the preschooler, made by and gifted by chloe o'reilly. you can find more chloe o'reilly creations at shorties in newtown.}

inspired by : cloudy little day

posted on: Sunday, March 4, 2012

1. Big Rain Cloud Mobile on branch, approx $47 AUD from The Butter Flying. 2. Blue Ricestorm Soft Wrist Pillow, approx $19 AUD from Noodoll Shop. 3. Raincloud pillow in natural cotton canvas, approx $27 AUD from Pony and Poppy. 4. Simple Clouds wall stickers in white or blue, approx $ 60 AUD from 41 Orchard.

baby : 2 months

posted on: Friday, March 2, 2012

dear baby,
now that you're two months old there's something I want to chat with you about.

it's about being a girl.

I want you to know that even though I keep a collection of vogue magazines in the house and even though I love dressing you in florals, and even though I call you a lady, I want you to know that if one day you feel that being a lady or wearing florals, or shaving your armpits isn't for you, then that's okay with me. (I'm not sure if shaving one's armpits is for anyone when you really think about it, it's just one of those weird things... you'll see.)

I want you to know that being a girl is awesome. I want you to know that sometimes people have labels for things because life can be confusing and labels are a quick way to make things seem simpler but it doesn't make them true. I want you to know that sometimes people have ideas about some things being just for boys or just for girls. I want you to know they're wrong. anything is for you.

as your dad would say, the world is your lobster. I want you to know that your dad will say funny things like that but he's awesome. we got lucky with him.

little belle, I want you to know that you can go forth and be whoever you'd like.

and for as long as you need me, and probably a bit longer, I'll be here to help you and to cheer you on.

you're only two months old, so who you will grow to be is still a wonderful mystery, but I do know you will be wonderful. you are wonderful. with you and your brothers in my life I feel like the luckiest mama in the world.

I hope you will feel like the luckiest girl.

{1 month}

room for kids : poppies and linen

posted on: Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nicole from Little Liberty created this striking space for a wee preschooler.

Little Red Riding Hood inspired: red, white, forest linen and naturals.

who lives here?
A feisty 3 year-old girl named Alexandra.

Red and white is such a fantastic combination for a little girl's room. It really makes a nice change from all the different shades of pinks that girls usually want. It's bold, strong and fresh and also gives the room a little bit of old world charm. I especially love the combination of reds against a linen fabric - very complimentary! The bed linen and the paper flowers that I stuck above the bed make a real statement.

This was actually a very small room to work with so I didn't clutter it up with lots of furniture. I basically worked with the existing bed and put a small vanity and stool set in so Alexandra still has a little bit of floorspace to play with friends.

best buy
The custom paper flowers filled the entire wall above her bed and created a beautiful focal point in the room for $100AUD.

nicole's fave
I love the vanity set and matching stool which I covered with linen fabric and then finished off with red ball trim. Super sweet!

top tip
I think the colours in this room really reflect Alexandra's personality. She's quite feisty and strong so I don't think a soft pink room really would have suited her at all. So when thinking about colours and themes keep your child's personality in mind.

By Nicole from Little Liberty.

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