25 days of christmas : we love maths

posted on: Thursday, November 29, 2012

Remember these blocks? Just quietly I think the most fun I ever had with maths was back in infant school when we used these rods for counting. Numbers in tangible, colourful units? Yes please!

Perfect for your big school starter, your little maths lover or (perhaps especially) for your reluctant number kid.

Kembo Cuisenaire Set, approx $35 AUD  from Shorties online. 

You are perusing the 2012 baby space Christmas Gift Guide or, Stuff We'd Love to Find Under Our Tree. Looking for more inspiration? You might like our 2011 Guide.


  1. I was literally googling these last weekend when a friend reminded me about them. So good! Kellie xx
    PS So good about Shorties going online ... finally!

  2. Oh wow! I remember these, can't believe they still exist.


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