25 days of christmas : sweetest knit bonnet

posted on: Saturday, November 24, 2012

For the beautiful wee elves in your life.

Handmade by highland-dweller and mama, Greer from Typically Red blog.

Vintage inspired handmade woollen bonnets for approx $33 AUD from Typically Red on Etsy. 

p.s One Typically Red knit bonnet will be included in our International Christmas Gift Giveaway. Yay!

You are perusing the 2012 baby space Christmas Gift Guide or, Stuff We'd Love to Find Under Our Tree. Looking for more inspiration? You might like our 2011 Guide.


  1. They are almost as adorable as her little girls! :)

  2. Cute attack!!

    {finding gorgeous things is your super power!}

    rachel xo

  3. They are too cute x
    On my wish list for the youngest x

  4. i love u..everything is just incredible!! i can just look at it all day!

  5. Oh my goodness! These are too adorable - they look like little gumnut babies!
    I'm getting one of these for my little one ASAP!


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