25 days of christmas : salt water sandals

posted on: Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Want to give or receive a gift for the feet that is light, versatile, super hardy and kid friendly? Then Salt Water Sandals are your friend.

Salt Waters are available in a rainbow of colours and even in some quirky mash up pairs, in infant, kiddo, teen and grownup sizes so you can get all cute 'n' matchy-matchy this holiday season. So fun, right?

Salt Water Sandals can be yours from approx $69 AUD for kids and $84 AUD for adults from Little PinwheelKido Store, or one of these fabulous stores.

Images from top: Salt Water Sandals from Kawaii KidsChampagne Salt Water Sandals from Down That Little Lane and grownup feet as seen on Modcloth blog

You are perusing the 2012 baby space Christmas Gift Guide or, Stuff We'd Love to Find Under Our Tree. Looking for more inspiration? You might like our 2011 Guide.


  1. Replies
    1. I just got my first pair in shiny yellow and I am lurving them. so is rose. she tries to eat them :0

  2. I love the yellow too!


  3. I lived in Salt Water sandals as a kid and have been gagging to get some for the little one but am waiting (impatiently!) until she can walk. But perhaps mama can get herself a pair for the summer and re-live a bit of childhood!

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