room for baby : wicker bassinet

posted on: Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A cosy bassinet for sleeping, a comfy wee couch for feeding and some shelves lined with treasures for dreaming. Short on space? Another sweet baby corner.

As seen on Felicity Lynch's Pinterest. ETA: Image originally from Junkaholique


  1. I love that little corner
    I slept in a bassinet just like that one when I was little...except mine was on wheels. My parents still have it...for some reason now it sits in a corner of the dining room!

    1. isn't it lovely? and I love that your bassinet is now in the dining room! baby bits and bobs around the house are the sweetest.

  2. How pretty! Do you know where it's from/who makes it? So lovely.

  3. We had a beautiful basket from Africa (similar style) that I hoped to use for baby...but couldn't get a mattress made that fitted properly. We hardly used it which is such a shame. It now is a bed for teddys....

  4. What a sweet little baby corner - love! Kisses


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