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posted on: Thursday, October 4, 2012

Do you gravitate towards Scandinavian design too? The Nordic countries may be across the seas but for fellow Australians coveting clean lines for our nurseries, rest assured someone has heard our calls. Danish by Design imports Scandinavian delights to Aussie shores, and for the next three Thursdays we will be resting our eyes on some of their lovely pieces.

These Leander cradles are not for triplets -- they're in a daycare nursery in the Netherlands. Daycare luxury! 

1. Nathi change table. 2. Leander cradle. 3. Bombol Bamboo bouncer. 4. Leander change table.  Main images: Leander cot and Leander cradlesAll available from Danish by Design. 

Aren't they beautiful? On the final Thursday of our Scandinavian furniture feast we will be giving away one of the items featured today. Hoorah! Can you guess which one? Stay tuned.

Want to see another Leander cot? Check out these two -- one in a gorgeous green nursery by Nicole, and the other in a pink space featured on My Poppet. Image at top as seen on Remodelista, middle image as seen on bloesem kids 


  1. Would it be worth having another baby just to use one of those lovely cradles? At least our child care facilities could take note on the minimallist design and colour schemes!

    1. yes it would ;) those cradles are so idyllic looking aren't they?

  2. I love danish designs, so practical and yet so beautiful in those simple elegant lines!

  3. Oh wow - Imagine if child care centres in Australia looked like that? I love the clean lines of Danish design. So lovely.

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