our family : gratitude and hope

posted on: Monday, October 15, 2012

dear family, 
sometimes I write letters to the lady but today I am going to write a letter to all of you. I think it's a thank-you letter because that is what I am: so thankful that each and every one of you are in my life, that you are my family.

we didn't start in the old-fashioned way, with the parents then the children -- we started with a single mum and her kid, and now here we are. two parents, three kids. a step parent, a step child, half siblings, full siblings. a baby, a teenager...sometimes it feels like there are so many of us!

it's not always easy being this many and it's not always easy to navigate our relationships. sometimes I struggle. I know sometimes it's hard for you too. these pictures don't show the toilet breaks and the tantrums, but of course you know there are plenty. sometimes there are tantrums in the toilet breaks, which is a young family kind of joy all of its own.

but there is also laughter and goofiness. tender moments and closeness. deep understanding and empathy. and so much love. 

I want you to know that everything that each of you are is special to me. I want you to know that though we may not always agree, I will always be on your side. I want you to know that no one can ever replace you.

 I want you to know that I feel fortunate beyond measure that you stick with me and keep loving me, and that you let me love you too. thank you.

{photographs of our family by the gorgeous seth and tenielle at feather and stone photography.}


  1. I didn't realise your family is so big! And what a wonderful family you are. The photos speak for themselves xxx

    1. yep, there are a few of us ;) thanks andrea.

  2. What a beautiful, heartfelt letter. Your family are lovely and the tenderness you obviously have towards one another shows through these photos. Which are phenomenal. So natural and timeless. Thank you for sharing. I love the last one in particular. x

  3. Replies
    1. thanks bel, feather and stone are amazing! I can totally recommend them (and they travel).

  4. Gorgeous letter and pics of your beautiful family, very natural and from the heart!

    1. thanks kate, sometimes I feel a bit unsure about publishing my feelings but I've never regretted it (so far) ;)

  5. just beautiful and authentic. how lucky both you and your family are to have this to go back to.

    1. thank you! we were so happy that feather and stone came to spend the day with us and captured this fleeting time in our life. even the teen (who isn't into having his photo taken) had a great time.

  6. Lovely photos and lovely family. Congratulations Bron!

  7. Your letter has given me goosebumps.

    And I don't remember seeing more wonderful family photos. Ever. Stunning.

  8. Bron, your words are so precious and so beautiful. Such a lovely post and photos x

  9. So beautiful! I totally get it as I was a mom of two and met my husband later and then our little girl arrived and now we're a family of five!

  10. This is beautiful Bron! What a lively, fun, gorgeous family you have. xo

  11. You are a sweet muma Bron. And you have such a gorgeous family. x

  12. okay, so where are the tissues now?!!!!!
    Bron, this is beyond
    This is pure L.O.V.E
    Mazel Tov xox

  13. oh this is so special...(love the checks, stripes and dots!) x


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