meet the mama : peta from love mae

posted on: Monday, October 8, 2012

We all know that Love Mae produces nostalgic wall decals, vintage inspired wrapping paper, quirky melamine dinnerware and even organic bedding (oh my!). But who is behind these beautiful creations? Introducing the motherside of 36 year-old Peta O'Neill, the talented lady and mama of two gorgeous girls, Lulu, 6, and Meila, 4, who is one half of the much loved, Love Mae.

"Before I was pregnant, my days were almost the complete opposite of what they are now. It's incredible how much your life can change in nine short months. I was living on an island in the tropics for two years before I fell pregnant. It was an Indigenous community and a very special place. I consider those days to be the most relaxing time of my life. Now I spend about 4-5 days of each week in a whirlwind with Love Mae, my two girls, and everything in between. A normal day starts very early and ends late, jam packed with madness. We are lucky enough to live in the country; home is so peaceful and time stops.

When it comes to pregnancy and motherhood, I think it's probably best not to know everything beforehand.  If you could see into the future you might want to avoid things that are tough, which are most often the most rewarding.

There's nothing a good walk can't help, and I love being able to give my girls space to explore. What's the most surprising thing about becoming a mum? That you can feel love so deep.

Sometimes I feel that the hardest part of being a new parent is the selflessness. Most of the time that's the part I totally love, but mums should remember to take time out every now and then to do something crazy, just for them. You really have to take care of your wellbeing when so many people are relying on you.

Something that helps me parent well is accepting that I am wrong sometimes. Despite my stubbornness and the fact that I'm older than my kids, I think being able to accept that sometimes I'm wrong is important.

The best parenting advice I've been given is to laugh when you feel like crying. Sometimes it's the only way to get through it.

My best tip for juggling the business and mamahood is to try and convince myself that sleep is overrated.

At the risk of sounding clich├ęd, my advice to other mums is to enjoy every moment because it goes so fast. You can only have that moment once.

My favourite part of being a mama is that I get to hang out with my favourite people in the world every day."

Thanks for chatting with us Peta! We are excited to be including some delightful Love Mae goodies in our International Christmas Gift Giveaway in December but if you can't wait that long you can purchase Love Mae lovelies online, follow the Studio of Mae blog or like their Facebook page to stay updated. 


  1. lovely to 'meet' the mama behind Love Mae, Peta feels so grounded and present, something I seem to be forever striving for! x

  2. What beautiful pictures, I like what she has to say about being wrong sometimes- I can relate.

    Also bron- the giveaway up tops looks fun! Although I can't participate I did install a few of the apps, we may give them a whirl tomorrow.

    Excited to follow along with you in the sling diaries!


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